D5 MAG’s Furniture Design Highlights: A Year in Review

D5 MAG’s Furniture Design Highlights: A Year in Review

D5 Design Magazine is rolling out an exclusive review of the past year, and this time, we’re diving into the universe of Furniture Design.

In the upcoming article, we’re not just showcasing pretty pieces; we’re delving into the essence of why Furniture Design matters. Beyond aesthetics, these designs shape the way we live, influencing our daily experiences and enhancing the comfort of our spaces. It’s more than just creating a stylish chair or a sleek table; it’s about crafting an environment that nurtures and supports our daily lives.

So, join us in this exploration of D5 MAG’s Furniture Design Year in Review—a journey that underscores the profound impact of furniture on our lives. Get ready to discover the magic behind the designs that transform our spaces into havens of comfort and style.

The digital prints of Stone Anthology are created using water-based inks on ECO non-woven wallpaper, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by the vibrant colors of Mondrian, the Cosmopolitan Kitchen adds a stylish flair.

In keeping with NaughtOne’s focus on providing clients with a breadth of possibilities, the Percy Chair frame can be specified with a choice of 16 colours and over 100 upholstery options, leading to a wide range of potential combinations.

Reverb is highly mobile and easy to construct. To achieve this, the frame is made out of entirely 100% recyclable aluminum.

The indoor collection from Studio Piet Boon introduces three extraordinary furniture designs, redefining the concept of comfort and elegance in interior spaces.