Danver's Cosmopolitan Kitchen Embracing Outdoor Living

Danver’s Cosmopolitan Kitchen Embracing Outdoor Living

Danver brings the heart of the home outdoors with the Cosmopolitan Kitchen – a perfect blend of style and practicality, designed by Daniel Germani. Imagine hosting a barbecue or enjoying a lazy Sunday brunch in your garden. The Cosmopolitan Kitchen brings the convenience of an indoor kitchen to the outdoors.

Inspired by the vibrant colors of Mondrian, the Cosmopolitan Kitchen adds a stylish flair. Outdoor spaces often come with unique challenges, and the Cosmopolitan Kitchen addresses them with its clever storage solutions. The modular drawers, available in various colors and setups, offer practical storage for your outdoor cooking essentials. Now, everything has its place, making outdoor entertaining a breeze.

Danver's Cosmopolitan Kitchen Embracing Outdoor Living

For those with limited space, the Cosmopolitan Kitchen becomes a game-changer. It serves as a compact and convenient outdoor kitchen, perfect for balconies or cozy nooks. It’s not just about size; it’s about making the most out of every inch of your outdoor living area. Pairing effortlessly with Danver’s existing outdoor furniture, it becomes an integral part of your outdoor living ensemble.

Designing this collection has been such an amazing experience. Devoid of unnecessary gestures, the Cosmopolitan Kitchen fits well in any project, small or large, urban or suburban, and the “see through” nature and lightness of its lines is a departure from more traditional outdoor kitchen design.

Daniel German
Danver's Cosmopolitan Kitchen Embracing Outdoor Living

    Bringing style and simplicity to your backyard, it redefines outdoor living. From stylish design to smart storage and versatile cooking options, this outdoor kitchen becomes the heart of your al fresco gatherings, making every moment under the open sky a memorable one.