D5 MAG's Architectural Highlights: A Year in Review

D5 MAG’s Architectural Highlights: A Year in Review

Step into the world of design as we reflect on the past year through the lens of D5 Design Magazine, a design hub covering five key disciplines—Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, and Lighting Design.

Our journey begins with a focus on Architecture, the first of the five design disciplines. In this article, we’ll revisit the top architectural marvels featured on D5 MAG over the past year. From skyline-altering structures to eco-friendly designs shaping a sustainable future, join us in celebrating the architectural milestones that defined the design landscape in the past year.

Get ready for a visual feast as we take you through D5 MAG’s Year in Review—a showcase of design brilliance that transcends boundaries and embraces the rich tapestry of creativity within the field of architecture.

 These newly created spaces are not limited by walls, they are simply extensions of the natural world.

 The original building was turned into a contemporary loft by merging the two apartments or 12 individual rooms, all sustainably done and with great sensitivity.

Utilizing their custom-built 3D printing technology, the firm breathes new life into the boutique facade on Amsterdam’s renowned shopping street.

In the hands of FMD Architects, this architectural gem becomes more than a simple country farmhouse. 

Located in Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada, the Shor House is both a family retreat and an artist’s residency, being best described as a mashup of disused wood obtained from multiple sources.