Meet the Team:

Meet the Team: Spotlight on D5’s Editorial Writer, Leila Mekhdi

We’re thrilled to present the latest interview in our “Meet the Team” series, featuring Leila Mekhdi, our talented editorial writer. Leila is a freelance journalist and writer with a demonstrated history of working in the media and printing industry. After graduating from Prague’s Anglo-American University with a BA in Journalism & Communications, Leila has written for a variety of media outlets focusing on a wide range of topics—from social issues and politics to culture and lifestyle. 

In her free time, you can find her doing yoga, reading a book, or spending time with her French Bulldog Luna.

Stay tuned for more engaging interviews with the rest of the D5 team, where each member will share their unique perspective and contributions that make our online magazine the go-to platform for design enthusiasts and professionals.

Leila Mekhdiyeva

Can you tell us about your journey into journalism and what sparked your interest in this field?

    I wanted to become a journalist from a very young age because every aspect of this profession seemed to fit me and my interests. From writing, talking to people, asking questions, and reporting on events to being part of something bigger than you and contributing to society in a meaningful way—all of it was a big part of why I went on to first study and then work in this field. In every part of the way, whether publishing my school newspaper and having my personal blog during my teenage years, or being a full-time freelance journalist working for different online media now, it is important for me to love what I do and be proud of it. 

    How has your education in Journalism and Communications from Anglo-American University influenced your approach to storytelling and content creation in the digital media landscape?

      My university program provided a diverse learning experience and gave me knowledge in the basics of reporting and non-fiction writing, video storytelling, and humanitarian sciences important to expanding young journalists’ perception of the world, which I am incredibly grateful for. However, I believe that journalism is the field where practice is more influential than theory. Especially, when it comes to digital journalism which evolves every day and continues expanding beyond the limits of the past. The combination of both is important in order to be a journalist today, as you need to know the rules to break them, creatively speaking.

      Do you have a personal favourite among the five key design disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, and Lighting Design) D5MAG covers? If so, why?

        I am more interested in writing about Interior Design the most, as there are usually more eye-catching details to write about, allowing me to use my observing eye when writing articles for D5MAG. 

        How do you see the role of online design magazines evolving in the next decade, especially with the rise of digital and social media platforms?

          In my opinion, the switch to the digital space for media publications has proven to be more beneficial for both readers and the media. Therefore, my outlook on the future of digital media has always been rather positive, especially when we are talking about design magazines, as they provide visionary storytelling, similar to fashion or lifestyle media. It allows design magazines to play around with different types of content, such as images and video, and craft it to its ideal audience. I think, due to the rise of younger generations’—millennials and mostly Gen-Z—consumption of the media, in order to continue evolving, it is important to focus on trends that speak to them and understand what sparks their interest. 

          Leila Mekhdiyeva

          Beyond your professional life, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

            I love yoga, as tacky as it sounds, over the past two years it became not only a powerful practice for my body but a sacred place for my mind. I am an avid book reader, I have a goal of reading 30 books this year, and so far I have read 17, so there’s no time to lose! Last but not least, there is of course family time with my husband and our Frenchie Luna.