peach fuzz

Explore the Hottest Interior Trends with Color of the Year Accents

Peach Fuzz, the PANTONE color of the year 2024, represents more than just a trendy shade. It embodies our shared desire for self-care and compassion. This soft peach hue goes beyond aesthetics, fostering a sense of connection and warmth. It blends youthful energy with timeless sophistication, symbolizing empathy and nurturing. As we embrace Peach Fuzz, we’re reminded to prioritize self-love and extend kindness to others, creating a harmonious and caring atmosphere for the journey ahead.

Peach Fuzz, moreover, reminiscent of the soft blush of ripe peach, embodies a spectrum of emotions and associations. Its hue not only captures the desire for tenderness and care but also signifies a sense of tranquillity and vitality. Whether in fashion, design, or emotional expression, Peach Fuzz embodies a harmonious blend of youthful energy and timeless charm.

In this story, we are going to look at a few design proposals in this gentle color that could warm living spaces and bring joy to the eye.

Cristallo Juliet

An immense part of the Natural Stone Collection, Cristallo Juliet is the exclusive proposal of the iconic natural stone brand Antolini. This is an interpretation of the color in a unique way. Natural stones certainly retain their timeless beauty. Unique materials sourced globally bestow exclusivity upon spaces, crafting opulent and sophisticated atmospheres. The value of variety enriches spaces thanks to unique items created using innovative technologies. Decorate with style and create evocative effects by choosing from a variety of products which include marble, granite, onyx, travertine, and limestone.

Photo credit: Antollini


Designed by Karim Rashid, TIDE is a project that received the Honourable Mention of the COmpasso d’Oro in 2008. The search for chromatic harmony will reach it in the collaboration between Horm and Karim Rashid in 2024. This is going to be the special edition of TIDE, a design piece by the world-famous designer in the Pantone 2024 shade, Peach Fuzz. In keeping with this philosophy, Karim Rashid’s TIDE has been transformed, embracing this ubiquitous spirit. TIDE is available as a sideboard for the living area and as a chest of drawers for the bedroom. At the same time, it is the embodiment of tenderness and sharing. Each TIDE in the Peach Fuzz version is a tribute to the new softness that pervades our times.


The chairs by Casamania by Horm presented in the vibrant and warm Peach Fuzz hue emerge as icons of style and comfort. Their whimsical shape speaks about an intimate complicity between aesthetics and function. Crafted in a limited series of 99 pieces, HIM&HER PEACH FUZZ stands out for its exclusive design, signed by the unmatched genius of Karim Rashid. these are pieces that transcend the traditional role of seating in order to become true ambassadors of a new aesthetic language. It blends the softness of color with lines that challenge conventions. HIM&HER ideally adds a touch of character to any setting – private or public. The limited edition of these chairs represents an enticing promise of exclusivity and innovation, inviting design lovers to become part of an aesthetic vision that will be remembered for years to come.

Photo credit: Casamania

The Timo Collection

Embracing fine lines and graceful volumes, the Timo collection of armchairs and sofas curated by designer Federica Biasi for laCividina embodies essential elegance fused with natural inspiration. These chairs and sofas boast voluminous upholstery ensuring comfort while showcasing geometric lines gently softened by rounded edges, echoing the organic shapes found in nature. Aptly named after the fragrant Mediterranean plant, the Timo collection mirrors its namesake’s sweet aroma, akin to the hue of Pantone 2024.

Photo credit: laCividina

Designed by Constance Guisset, the Waves collection represents a modular marvel: organic forms transitioning into artistry. Each piece embodies landscapes and florals, adorning the canvas with sinuous lines and vibrant hues. The Waves serve not only as individual elements but as a composition, offering modules of diverse shapes and volumes, some even featuring low backs. These modules interlock seamlessly, providing the flexibility to furnish waiting areas or exhibition spaces in an elegantly unconventional manner. The structural ingenuity includes concealed magnets within each element, allowing footstools to connect effortlessly.


Handmade from TENCEL™, In-Touch is created from one of the most eco-friendly fibers currently on the market. They are using an ultra-soft fabric made from cellulose-derived fibers obtained from a low environmental impact production process. At home, the rug creates an oasis of color, warmth, luminosity, and softness. Designed by Deanna Comellini, In-Touch is one of the most sustainable proposals from the contemporary rug brand G.T.DESIGN.


Trbrick is the small element that is capable of complementing even the most minimalistic environments. With its beautiful touch and glossy surface, Tbrick offers a timeless yet contemporary environment where colors illuminate the surface of the small 5×16 format. Designed by Sartoria of the Terratinta Group, Tbrick combines the advantages of white-body tiles with the decorative features of small sizes such as superior colors and glazes, easy installation, and maintenance.  A gloss finish that preserves the perception of craftsmanship and, in the Apricot version, creates retro-style installation motifs that combine perfectly with the most contemporary design.


The Coral line designed by Talenti Outdoor Living introduces the theme of lightness in each product. The rope theme is predominant, and it is also reflected in detail on the seat handles, side table, and footstools. One of the unique features of the sofas is their solid but essential volume. It remains neutral in color and form but it is softened by the decorative cushions in peach-colored fabric. The pastel tones of the products help to make the room even brighter and more welcoming.

Final Thoughts…

In exploring the essence of Peach Fuzz, the colors encapsulate a desire for care, inclusivity, and tranquility. This peach hue symbolizes more than just a color; it embodies a set of emotions drawing from the tender essence of ripe peaches. Т his story unfolds as a journey through design proposals that embrace Peach Fuzz, curating living spaces that exude joy and warmth for the beholder’s eye. Each offering not only adorns spaces with Peach Fuzz but also becomes an embodiment of tenderness, creativity, and an invitation to bask in the new softness that pervades our contemporary world.