D5 MAG’s Interior Design Highlights: A Year in Review

In a focused exploration of the most noteworthy design accomplishments, D5 Design Magazine presents a detailed retrospective of the year’s Interior Design highlights. D5 MAG, recognized for its commitment to design advocacy, is an authoritative platform covering five essential disciplines—Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, and Lighting Design.

Under the stewardship of 3C Group, a prominent organization at the forefront of global design, D5 MAG operates from its Swiss headquarters as a proud member of the World Design Organization (WDO).

Throughout the upcoming article, we will showcase outstanding interior design projects that have significantly shaped the narrative of design in the past year. Join us in this insightful journey through D5 MAG’s Interior Design Year in Review— an examination of spaces that not only embody refined design principles but also contribute to the ongoing discourse within the design community.

This remodeling project aims to preserve the essence of the original building, which is emblematic of the region’s architectural heritage.

The entire design is a blend of Italian postmodernism, with the spotlight on Memphis Milano, and on the colourful Pop-Art style of the 1960s and 70s. 

FORESTIS, located in Brixen, Plose, is not merely a hotel; it is an immersive experience that places nature at its core. 

The design of the Pharmacy Lab is characterized by a sophisticated monochromatic palette, elevated by a harmonious interplay of textures and materials. 

While a barn traditionally serves as a utilitarian space for storage and agricultural work, Be Architektur ingeniously reimagined this concept