FORESTIS’ Dolomite Panorama and Architectural Brilliance

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites, FORESTIS stands as a testament to the perfect union of design and nature. This remarkable hospitality establishment, recognized as the BLT 2022 Jury’s Favorite in Interior Design – Hospitality: Hotel and Resort, is a creation of ASAGGIO Gmbh. With an unwavering commitment to aesthetic brilliance and architectural innovation, ASAGGIO has crafted a haven that harmoniously blends the serene beauty of its surroundings with a stunning and functional interior.

FORESTIS, located in Brixen, Plose, is not merely a hotel; it is an immersive experience that places nature at its core. The architecture itself pays homage to the original healing place, the century-old main building of FORESTIS, as each room is thoughtfully oriented to bask in the sun’s embrace. The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, majestically frame the guest’s perspective, creating a visual symphony that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors.


ASAGGIO’s ingenuity shines through in their meticulous selection of materials, each carefully chosen to encapsulate one of the four elemental forces: spring water, air, sun, and climate. This creative dialogue between architecture and nature is made evident through the strategic use of natural materials. Stone, harnessed as a central element, bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors, allowing the essence of the Dolomites to permeate the space. Glass, with its transparency, signifies the purity of the air, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the lush forest surroundings.

Comfort is paramount at FORESTIS, where the radiant warmth of the sun finds its counterpart in carefully curated interior textiles. Natural fabrics envelop guests, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity. This interplay of elements extends to the suites, where untreated spruce adorns walls and ceilings, encapsulating the essence of the forest within the living space.


The masterminds behind this architectural marvel are the visionary architects of ASAGGIO. Bound by their shared studies in Innsbruck and Florence, they embarked on a journey of creativity and innovation. The founding of ASAGGIO in 2012 marked the realization of their shared philosophy, an intricate fusion of aesthetics and architectural prowess. Drawing inspiration from their surroundings, ASAGGIO’s architects have created an artistic legacy that encapsulates both contemporary design and timeless wisdom.


Born from the synergy between ASAGGIO and nature’s beauty, this hotel stands as a testament to the power of architecture to shape experiences. It offers more than just a stay; it provides a connection to the very essence of the Dolomites. Each corner of this remarkable establishment echoes the poetry of design, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the embrace of nature while enjoying the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. With FORESTIS, ASAGGIO Gmbh has created a physical space and a gateway to a world where architecture and nature coalesce in a harmonious symphony.