LUXXU Presents New Statements for the Christmas Season

Christmas Design Inspirations to Infuse Style into Every Space

Christmas, with its nostalgic charm and joyous spirit, is a season that invites creativity and warmth into our homes. To enter into the spirit of the holiday, LUXXU has gathered a series of new Christmas atmospheres to bring festive cheer to every corner of the living space.

Entryway Elegance: Setting the tone for the entire home, the entryway becomes a canvas for holiday enchantment. Adorning the space with a majestic Christmas tree alongside carefully chosen furnishings like the  Vertigo console and the Crown mirror creates an enchanting welcome. The use of sleek Waterfall wall lamps adds a touch of sophistication, laying the foundation for a festive home.

Luxurious Living Room Extravaganza: In a luxuriously adorned living room reminiscent of a chalet, every detail contributes to a Christmas haven. From garlands, bows, and baubles embellishing the beams to a magnificent tree stealing the spotlight with its cheery adornments, the living room becomes a showcase of festive elegance. The Gala chandelier is suspended in a vaulted ceiling with a reminiscent vintage appeal, perfect for the season. Other noteworthy design components include the Otto XL armchairs and the Algerone center table that bring additional detail. 

 Gala chandelier is suspended in a vaulted ceiling with a reminiscent vintage appeal, perfect for the season. Other noteworthy design components include the Otto XL armchairs and the Algerone center table that bring additional detail.

Bold Green Dining Table Delight: Green, a quintessential Christmas color, takes center stage in the dining area with LUXXU’s Littus dining table in emerald green. The Guatemala marble top adds an extravagant touch, complemented by the Charla dining chairs upholstered in a stunning dark green fabric for a cohesive look. Lastly, the Liberty Slim Snooker suspension rounds up the decor, casting a soft glow over this glamorous dining scene.

Playful Complements for the Home Office: Even the home office, often overlooked during the holiday season, transforms into a hub of festive creativity. Introducing bespoke furnishings such as the Algerone desk, the Empire Set III center table, or the Liberty Slim suspension lights turn the home office into a Christmassy haven. Playful Christmas decor elements, including a reindeer lighting sculpture, gingerbread houses, and nutcracker figurines, add a whimsical touch, infusing the workspace with holiday magic.

This approach to Christmas decor goes beyond traditional boundaries, showcasing that every corner of the home can radiate the warmth and joy of the holiday season. By embracing the spirit of Christmas in design, individuals are invited to reimagine their living spaces, creating memorable moments that will be cherished for years to come. This holiday season, let the inspiration from these designs transform your home into a festive retreat that captures the magic of Christmas in every detail.