The Subtraction Chair, One Hundred Ninth. Photo Credit: Dan King.

Winners of the Fourth Edition of the SIT Furniture Design Award Unveiled!

From cutting-edge designs to bold innovations, the SIT Furniture Design Award has once again showcased the most exceptional talent in furniture and interior design. With over 400 entries from professional and emerging designers from around the world, the competition was fierce, but only a few stood out as the best of the best.

The grand winners of the SIT Furniture Design Award 2024 are:

Furniture Design of the Year: Poty Armchair by Stdio Lucas Caramés

The Poty Armchair draws inspiration from the exuberant Craft Culture of the Delta Parnaíba, merging contemporary comfort with traditional local elements. Crafted with a solid wooden structure, its notable feature is the carnauba straw weave enveloping the chair, a nod to the region’s artisanal tradition. This blend of modern design with cultural heritage creates a visually stunning and culturally rich piece, providing both physical and sensory comfort.

Interior Design of the Year: Daphne by Studio Paolo Ferrari

Daphne, located in Toronto, reimagines the quintessential American bistro with a contemporary and eclectic touch. Custom-designed furniture and lighting enhance the space, which balances the unexpected with the warmth of New England prep. Inspired by art, architecture, and cinema, Daphne embodies a cinematic duality, inviting guests to explore and experience the joy of discovery.

Interior Design of the Year: Daphne by Studio Paolo Ferrari
Photo: Joel Esposito

Emerging Furniture Designer of the Year: Otto Lounge Chair by Jenna Jang, Art Center College of Design

In response to the evolving workspace dynamics post-pandemic, the Otto Lounge Chair is designed to adapt to both home and office environments. With refined cushions and oak wood, it brings comfort to any space. Its versatile design allows it to function as both a lounge chair and a workspace accessory, reflecting the changing needs of modern life.

Otto Lounge Chair
Otto Lounge Chair

Other winners in Furniture Design include JG Neukomm Architecture for The Suffolk Gallery Bench, Noriko Hashida Design winning with Enots Floor Chair, La Firme with Sarto Series and Street + Garden being recognized for Honeysuckle Park Newcastle Australia. In Interior Design categories, the recipients include Messana O’Rorke team design of the West 53rd Street Apartment, Wow Atelier for the Best Friends: Roadhouse & Mercantile, A-01 (A Company / A Foundation) winning with the Black House (Casa Negra) and No Footprint House (NFH) and HDC Design with Meet the Bund (Xintiandi). Each winner in their respective category reflects the perfect combination of form, function, and aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from the rest.

Among the distinguished jury members were Alain Gilles, Founder and Lead Designer at Alain Gilles The Studio from Belgium; Bo Zhang, Artist & Chief Designer at Desz Office from New York; Niko Kapa, Design Director at Studio Niko Kapa from the United Kingdom; Christina Chen-Chiao Kuo, Creative Director & Founder of Kuuo Living Limited from Canada; and Nataly Bolshakova, Founder and Lead Designer at Bolshakova Interiors, representing Ukraine. These individuals, representing just a portion of the esteemed panel, contributed their expertise to recognize outstanding design talent on a global scale.

Astrid Hebert, the co-founder of the SIT Furniture Design Award, emphasized the global significance of the event, highlighting the diverse geographic origins of the participating designers and the international composition of the judging panel. “Recognizing both emerging and established designers from around the world underscores our commitment to inspiring innovation in furniture and interior design. This year’s winners exemplify the global impact of design creativity and the collaborative spirit that drives our industry forward.

All the winners can be viewed in the winner’s gallery on the SIT Furniture Design Award website (

Header: The Subtraction Chair, One Hundred Ninth. Photo Credit: Dan King.