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Where the Ocean Meets Luxury: The Best Hotels and Resorts for a Coastal Getaway

To the discerning traveler, a good luxury experience is associated with excellent quality of not only food but also accommodation and service. While the beach is a common location for a vacation, creating a luxury coastal getaway requires an eye for detail, experience, and knowledge. A good oceanfront accommodation has the ability to indulge our imagination and bring out sensations we’ve never known of. It could also be a way to escape reality and tap into another world, a world full of new experiences.

In this story, we’re going to dive into 5 of the luxury accommodations that have been awarded at the LIV Hospitality Design Awards, their design, and what makes them outstanding choices for an escapism trip.

Ruili Coastal Hotel

First on the list is the Ruili Coastal Hotel designed by Tang Zhongzheng, Zheng Duyang, and Tang Chengqing. Based in China, the hotel abstractly represents local cultural elements such as “movable type printing” into the lobby space. This exquisite design is further complemented by a book-shaped chandelier focusing on establishing a quiet and elegant atmosphere. And while the lobby evokes a peaceful feeling, the design of the hotel rooms combines Chinese traditional colors with subtle patterns applied to the space making it more dynamic.

ruili coastal hotel
Photo credit: RICCI Space Photography

Private Beach Club

Having the idea to create a “beach portal”, the design of the Beach Club offers its guests access to the beaches lined along Florida’s coastline. Inspired by Bermudian aesthetics, Hart Howerton, focused on creating indoor-outdoor related spaces allowing any single resident to not only experience nature but also to be able to explore the building’s interior.  Hart Howerton has committed to sustainability embodying the wellness and healthy lifestyle for its residents. Members have the ability to immerse into the world of luxury around the courtyard pool and the towering palms around it.

private beach club
Photo credit: Chris Luker

St. Regis Bermuda Resort & Residences

Another one of the luxury accommodations worth attention to is St. Regis Bermuda & Residences. The lead designer, Doug Kulig, unleashed his imagination with this award-winning project. The five-star resort preserves the historical elements of the place while at the same time ushers the island’s elegant style. One of the unique things about St. Regis Bermuda & Residences is the sustainability perspective that the design team has taken into account. While projects have been developed all aspects to reduce the disturbance of the natural environment such as minimizing the footprint of the building and excavation and keeping the drainage sustainable were considered.

St. Regis Bermuda Resort & Residences
Photo credit: St. Regis/Marriott

Sumei Skyline Coast Boutique Hotel, Sanya

With a minimalistic design in mind, Yuanman Huang and Liangchao Li have created a space-nature interaction maximizing its beauty while at the same time channeling the luxurious Instagrammable vibe. Located on the Skyline Coast, the Boutique offers a marvelous sea view accompanied by the sounds of waves. Looking at it, any person could appreciate the fine integration of commercial elements into the artistic world of design.

Sumei Skyline Coast Boutique Hotel, Sanya
Photo credit: Aoxiang

Bodumas Overwater Seafood Restaurant

Bodumas would lure any foodie with delicacies seasoned with Japanese influences. The tropical vibes and elegance of the fine dining restaurant promise a luxury experience of a lifetime.

The founder of Motiv Studios, Pawel Podwojewski, designed this romantic restaurant to allow its guests to step into the ocean world. In this way, they could enjoy an intimate dinner with outstanding service overwater and explore the dazzling tastes of the chefs.

Bodumas Overwater Seafood Restaurant
Photo credit: Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives