Photo Credits Nick Lehoux

Unveiling the Stories Behind 3 Extraordinary LED Interior Lighting Triumphs

Header Photo Credits: Nick Lehoux

Embark on a radiant journey through architectural ingenuity and luminous landscapes as we delve into three tales of LED interior lighting mastery recently awarded at the LIT Lighting Design Awards. These projects redefine brilliance, intertwining creativity, sustainability, and a touch of magic within their illuminated spaces.

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC
Photo Credits: Alan Karchmar

Immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of Flux Studio‘s design for the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC, a symphony of light and design orchestrated by the brilliant minds of Brian McIntyre, Florencia Castro, and Laura Dillon. With Fentress Architects as co-creators, this project crafts an interplay of light that dances between interior and exterior, blurring the lines of distinction.

Picture a courtyard where light becomes an art form, dynamically adapting to the versatile needs of the space. Embassy requirements didn’t allow for transparency across the façade, so the building appears from the street as a cohesive series of interior spaces isolated from the city, reiterating the notion of an embassy as an isolated environment that contains another world. The lighting design not only captivates with its aesthetic finesse but also champions sustainability, boasting a 27% reduction in interior lighting energy load.

Stantec’s Chromatic Revolution at Fenway’s Red Sox Clubhouse

Photo Credits Billie Weiss, Boston Red Sox
Photo Credits: Billie Weiss, Boston Red Sox

Fenway’s Red Sox Clubhouse is a project like no other. The dated clubhouse is wedged underneath the stadium’s seating bowl, with sloping ceilings full of ductwork and other systems. There was an aggressive schedule of just three months to design, procure, and install all lighting and controls. Also of concern, all the lighting products could be subject to accidental damage from rowdy baseball players, which necessitated product durability. Masterminded by Vannessa Pederson and her design cohorts Anna Zuercher and Rachel Fitzgerald, with Hollman working on the lockers with integrated lighting and Stantec leaving their signature on the interior architecture, this project redefines the stadium ambiance with a burst of color and innovation.

In a meeting with the MLB’s sleep doctor, the team hatched a plan to use RGBW to create mood-altering scenes for the players. Imagine corridors adorned with hues that shift like brushstrokes, coaxing players through a visual symphony on game days. Sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s seamlessly woven into the fabric of this project, ensuring that the Earth, the players, and the client all emerge as winners.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport Terminal 5 Expansion

Photo Credits Nick Lehoux
Photo Credits: Nick Lehoux

Schuler Shook with lead designer Giulio Pedota worked on a celestial lighting expedition at O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5, turning it into a gateway that transcends mere functionality. This design masterpiece embraces a minimalistic approach, a celestial welcome to the Windy City, with 3,260 dimmable downlights painting the terminal with luminous strokes.

Here, sustainability takes flight, as state-of-the-art LED fixtures and ingenious daylight sensors choreograph the dance of light and energy efficiency. As the terminal edges towards a LEED Silver certification, the project shows a glimpse of futuristic design, where clarity meets conscientiousness.

As we revel in the radiance of these LED triumphs, let them guide us toward a future where every space tells a luminous story, a tale of innovation, sustainability, and the magic that unfolds when creativity meets the flicker of LED brilliance.