The Multifaceted Versatility of Wood, Brass, Oxidized Copper, Marble, and Onyx in Mirror Design

The Multifaceted Versatility of Wood, Brass, Oxidized Copper, Marble, and Onyx in Mirror Design

In a celebration of nature’s allure and the harmonious dance between materials and form, Ukrainian design brand NOOM has launched the ‘Lakes’ collection—an exquisite ensemble of sculptural mirrors that elevate the concept of reflection to a new artistic realm. Crafted in collaboration with French designers Maryna Dague and Nathan Baraness, this collection intertwines the fluidity of curved mirror surfaces with the solidity of brass, copper, marble, onyx, and other captivating materials, creating a stunning visual symphony.

The collection draws inspiration from the meandering shorelines of lakes and the mesmerizing aerial views of water bodies. The designers have skillfully translated these shapes into a series of five mirrors with each piece in the collection showing their commitment to bringing the beauty of the natural world into design. At the heart of the ‘Lakes’ lies a captivating play of contrasts. The fluid shapes of the mirrors stand in stark opposition to the straight lines of the bases that anchor them to the wall or gracefully position them on the floor. The designers have ingeniously utilized slabs of wood, brass, oxidized copper, marble, onyx, and other enticing materials for these bases, offering a diverse palette for design enthusiasts to choose from. This intentional interplay between the organic and the structured results in a mesmerizing visual experience.

In the words of the Paris-based designers, “We are fascinated by the natural materials, such as wood, stones, and metals because of their amazing natural patterns and colors echoing with the reflections of mirrors’ liquid forms.” This fascination is palpable in every piece of the ‘Lakes’ collection, where the inherent beauty of the chosen materials harmonizes seamlessly with the flowing lines of the mirrors, creating a structure that is not just functional but also a captivating work of art.

NOOM’s ‘Lakes’ collection is a poetic exploration of the intersection between nature and design. As each mirror captures the essence of lakeshores and water vistas, it invites us to contemplate the beauty of the world around us. With an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and a keen appreciation for the intrinsic qualities of materials, NOOM continues to redefine the boundaries of design, offering a collection that is not just a reflection but an embodiment of nature’s timeless elegance.

Photos by and @zakharovdienko (Krasivo Group)