The Garcia Apartment's Family-Centric Design

The Garcia Apartment’s Family-Centric Design

Celebrating International Day of Family, we dive into the award-winning Garcia Apartment, designed by Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos. This stunning penthouse transformation on Riviera de São Lourenço, Brazil prioritizes family connection and togetherness.

Awarded a PLATINUM Award in the Interior Design (Apartments/Condominium) category at the OPAL Award based in London, the project’s brilliance lies in its thoughtful reconfiguration of space. Spanning across two floors and 550 square meters, the Garcia Apartment offers a perfect blend of private and communal areas.

The lower floor revolves around the four main suites, ensuring privacy for each family member. Additionally, a well-equipped service area caters to daily needs. However, the true social hub lies in the functional kitchen seamlessly connected to a generous breakfast area. Here, the Garcia family and their guests can gather for intimate moments, fostering connection and shared meals.

Luiz Paulo Andrade, the lead designer, masterfully considered how each room would be used. The emphasis on the breakfast area exemplifies his focus on facilitating family interaction.

The Garcia Apartment serves as an inspiration for families seeking a home that fosters togetherness. By prioritizing shared spaces and ensuring private areas, Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos created a home that celebrates family life in all its forms.

Photographer credit: Manuel Sá