The Alluring Reflex Pendant Lamps

Step into the world of design, where Maytoni GmbH, led by the imaginative designer Alexey Danilin, has unveiled a breathtaking collection called Reflex. These pendant lamps, made with a combination of metal and acrylic in a pristine white hue, boast an intriguing feature – a decorative reflective element crafted from translucent textured fabric. They’re not just any lamps; they offer adjustable height and use LED light sources with a warm color temperature of 3000K.

In design, we often find beauty in natural things, objects, and materials that exist as they are. But what truly makes them special is how we perceive and interpret them. It’s like seeing a ray of light reveal hidden depths and facets.


Maytoni’s Reflex collection is all about this concept, and it’s like a window into the fascinating interplay of light, perception, and reflection.

Imagine looking at a circle. It’s a simple shape, right? But in the Reflex collection, this circle isn’t just a shape; it’s a symbol of purity and simplicity in design. Within this circle, a luminous ball takes center stage. This radiant sphere is a symbol of human perception’s strength and importance. It reminds us of our power to transform the world through our unique perspectives.

What makes Reflex pendant lamps truly enchanting is their fabric diffuser. The fabric has a textured, translucent quality, and when the light from the central ball dances along its fibers, it creates a mesmerizing display. It’s a bit like watching a gentle, captivating dance of light, showcasing the organic and ever-moving vision of each individual.


In a nutshell, Maytoni’s Reflex collection is a magical blend of art and design. With these stunning pendant lamps, you’re not just decorating your space; you’re celebrating the beauty and significance that every individual brings to the world. So, immerse yourself in the world of light, reflection, and perception with Maytoni’s Reflex series – a true masterpiece of design.