Armchair TUTTU Monteur by Levantin design, Ukraine

The 2024 Edition of the European Product Design Award is Open for Submissions

Following an extraordinary year in product design in 2023, marked by a flood of entries from across the globe and the recognition of groundbreaking, forward-thinking winners in professional and student categories, the European Product Design Award has announced the launch of its 2024 edition. Product design companies, seasoned designers, and students alike can submit their projects for a chance to secure esteemed titles such as Product Design of the Year, Innovation of the Year, Design For Humanity, and Emerging Product Design of the Year.

“As we kick off the 2024 edition of the European Product Design Award, we invite designers from around the world to unleash their creativity and shape the future of innovation. This year’s competition promises to celebrate the boldest ideas and the most groundbreaking designs. Join us as we embark on a journey to recognize excellence and inspire the next generation of visionary creators! Together, let’s ignite a wave of inspiration and celebrate the remarkable achievements that define the forefront of product design excellence.”

Aline Martins, Program Director of the competition
Foshan Shengfang Hardware Co., Ltd, China
Foshan Shengfang Hardware Co., Ltd, China. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

Last year’s winners have set the bar high, with incredible cutting-edge designs that put humanity, inclusivity, and sustainability at the forefront. The Design for Humanity title was secured by Dario Canini Designability respectively. 

Designability has pioneered the world’s inaugural Accessible Pushchair, tailored for manual wheelchair users and crafted with scalable production in focus. Versatile for both disabled caregivers and non-disabled individuals, this groundbreaking product offers inclusivity for all.

Designability, Wolfson Centre, Department D1, Royal United Hospital, United Kingdom
Designability, Wolfson Centre, Department D1, Royal United Hospital, United Kingdom. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

Revolutionizing conventional pushchairs, their design supplants the typical rear wheels/footbrake assembly, rendering any standard pushchair accessible.

With a longstanding recognition of this necessity, Designability addresses a longstanding demand, estimating a potential impact on around 20,000 disabled parents in the UK alone.

Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award
Milan Bhullar. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

Milan Bhullar, Savannah College of Art and Design, claimed the title of Emerging Design of the Year with her creation Hooked, a unique bent lamination wooden side table designed for wall hanging, freeing up floor space as needed. Hooked represents a behavioral response to organizing personal spaces, offering the convenience of wall-mounted storage akin to hanging a bag. Its legs are crafted from five layers of maple wood strips, each eight feet long, bent, and laminated to form a seamless ribbon-like structure. The intertwined legs create an uninterrupted sinuous loop, enhancing the sculptural beauty of the table and highlighting the satin softness and resilience of wood as a natural material.

Automobili Pininfarina, Italy.
Automobili Pininfarina, Italy. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

Product Design of the Year 2023 was awarded to Automobili Pininfarina for representing a groundbreaking era in conceptual electric Luxury Utility Vehicles (e-LUV). Unveiled during Monterey Car Week, this concept vehicle showcases the company’s signature PURA design philosophy, which effortlessly transforms the DNA of iconic models from Pininfarina’s past to define the future. 

Hofer Studio, Canada
Hofer Studio, Canada. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

Voltera Nova Flexible Electronics Printer, the Innovation of the Year winner, is the world’s first printer designed for creating soft, stretchable, and conformable electronics. The fancy term for NOVA’s technology is direct-write, extrusion printing, which means you can print material exactly where you want it, and nowhere else. Its applications are limitless.

#sediarossokartell Nicola Ughi, Italy.
#sediarossokartell Nicola Ughi, Italy. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

This year’s winners will receive the esteemed European Product Design Award Trophy at the exclusive annual Winners Ceremony. Their exceptional work will be celebrated in the Annual European Product Design Awards Book. Beyond the trophy, winners gain invaluable benefits: standout brand differentiation, unparalleled marketing opportunities, elevated credibility, morale boost, and the power to attract premier talent and significant investment.

The European Product Design Award™ (ePDA) recognizes and honors the expertise of international product and industrial designers who strive to improve our daily lives with their practical and well-thought-out creations. ePDA promotes the growth of product design globally and provides worldwide exposure to remarkable designers in the industry. Launched in 2016, the inaugural event was held at the European Parliament.

Nanjing Sugar Swan Ergonomic Technology Co., Ltd, China
Nanjing Sugar Swan Ergonomic Technology Co., Ltd, China. Photo courtesy of European Product Design Award

The program is part of the Farmani Group, a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985. The Farmani Group has recognized prestigious brands such as Nike, HP, Maserati, and Bosch for their exceptional design achievements.

The company’s key mission is to discover and promote talent in these areas through competitions, awards, exhibitions, developing artist communities, and providing networking opportunities and education.