The "AUDI x C JEAN: House of Progress - Gallery of Excellence," centered around fashion and art, provides visitors with an unprecedented blend of artistic expression and logical coherence at Audi's global brand event.

Taiwan Audi and C JEAN Unite to Unveil the Groundbreaking ‘House of Progress’ Gallery of Excellence Art Project

Following in the footsteps of major cities like Milan, Singapore, and Tokyo, Taiwan Audi proudly presented the “Audi House of Progress Taipei” brand concept store in July of this year. This event is a part of Audi’s global brand celebration, “House of Progress,” centered around the core value of “Progress,” showcasing a series of innovative interactive experiences and exhibitions that lead visitors on a journey to explore the technological and aesthetic world of the Audi brand. It embodies Audi’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and evolution for the future. The “Audi House of Progress Taipei” represents a space symbolizing the spirit of brand evolution, combining physical exhibition venues with a fusion of fashion, art, music, and technology. During this event, Audi showcases its latest technological achievements, research and development results, and future blueprints, providing visitors with an in-depth understanding of Audi’s leadership position in the automotive industry.

Meanwhile, Taiwan Audi teamed up with C JEAN, Chun-Yuan Jean, at the “Audi House of Progress Taipei” brand concept store located in the Xinyi District, to launch an extraordinary art project – “AUDI x C JEAN: House of Progress – Gallery of Excellence.” Curated by Chun-Yuan Jean, the one-day exhibition revolves around the theme of “Progress” and showcases C JEAN’s classic clothing and bag designs from nine seasons since its establishment in 2019. Taiwan Audi’s Marketing Director, Eimei Ishida, and Distribution Development Director, Frank Lohwasser, were both present at the House of Progress Taipei to participate in this creatively unique exhibition project and kick off the event. 

In the Gallery of Excellence, visitors can admire C JEAN’s collaboration with Taiwan’s national treasure-level lacquer art master, Qing-Shuang Wang, in the 23AW “Belief” series. Chun-Yuan Jean creatively reinterprets Qing-Shuang Wang’s works and spirit, delving into the essence of pattern design to showcase the fusion of high-end fashion production techniques and Qing-Shuang Wang’s craftsmanship. Additionally, the exhibition features the “Beauty Under the Moon” tote bag and the “Shimmering Goldfish ” clutch, both co-created by Chun-Yuan Jean and Chun-Wei Wang, Qing-Shuang Wang ‘s grandson and also a lacquer artist. These designs exemplify the spirit of inheriting and innovating lacquer art through intricate layering. 

The exhibition also showcases the 19AW “零(Break)” collection, which draws inspiration from the phenomenon of glacier retreat. Handcrafted gowns and fabric cutouts and burned patterns explore climate change through design. This particular work received the Bronze Award at the Florence Biennial for Fiber Art, making Chun-Yuan Jean the first Taiwanese artist to receive this prestigious honor.

In addition, the exhibition showcases various collections from different seasons, such as the 20SS “Full Fathom Five,” the 21SS “Starry Starry Night,” the 21AW “Lost Birds,” the 22SS “Eternity” in collaboration with Spring Pool Glass, and the 22AW collection of sustainable fabric developed in partnership with the New Wide Enterprise, a subsidiary of New Wide Group. These collections lead viewers to explore issues related to the ocean, urban light pollution, endangered bird species, and circular economy, blending the symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity. 

Moreover, the 23SS “Form” series takes inspiration from the laws of nature and presents a novel imagination in corporate uniform design. Throughout the nine seasons of creations, starting from the brand’s debut collection in 19SS, “Movement-In the Moment,” C JEAN’s designs are deeply rooted in natural rhythms and delicately crafted by the designer Chun-Yuan Jean to express admiration for the beauty of nature and advocate for impactful expressions of various issues through design. 

In addition, during the event, Chun-Yuan Jean also conducted a lecture on the brand’s evolution, where she shared the journey of the brand since its inception and the possibilities of continuous evolution and sustainability in the future, including brand customization services, corporate uniform design, and collaborations. On that day, special performances were arranged featuring accordionist Cheng-Ching Lin from the band “Delicious Planets,” and percussionist Guo-Che from both the “Moheila Irish Band” and the “Sopo World Band.” They added a unique musical touch to the remarkable art gallery, performing in two sets of formal attire designed with a honeycomb structure, echoing the honeycomb grille of the Audi urbansphere concept car. This exceptional art gallery event profoundly showcased the pulsating “evolution” of the C JEAN brand, while the presentation within the Audi concept space further highlighted Audi’s forward-thinking approach and the excellence in craftsmanship and artistic nature of C JEAN.

The “AUDI x C JEAN: House of Progress – Gallery of Excellence,” centered around fashion and art, provides visitors with an unprecedented blend of artistic expression and logical coherence at Audi’s global brand event. The theme of brand evolution connects the unique values of both Audi and C JEAN, showcasing their shared pursuit of aesthetics and technology. This extraordinary art gallery project by Taiwan Audi and C JEAN allows the attending audience to fully appreciate the boundless charm of fashion and art. With the title “AUDI x C JEAN: House of Progress – Gallery of Excellence,” this event is not just a fashion extravaganza but also a passionate ode to creativity and the future.