Sustainable Beauty of Handcrafted Ceramic Lighting

Cécile Boimare’s journey from the sleek lines of automotive design to the intricate world of ceramics might seem unexpected, but it’s this very contrast that fuels the elegant creations of Tellus Faber, her lighting design company founded in 2021.

Boimare’s experience with renowned car brands like Cadillac and Opel honed her eye for precision and form, a skill that now translates into the meticulous sculpting of clay. Each Tellus Faber lampshade is a testament to this mastery, showcasing not just beauty but also thoughtful functionality.

Photo Credit: Mathieu Boimare
Photo Credit: Mathieu Boimare

The name Tellus Faber, meaning “Earth Artisan” in Latin, perfectly embodies Boimare’s deep connection to her craft. Her creations are more than just lighting fixtures; they are sculptures of light, meticulously designed to provide balanced and glare-free illumination.

By transforming her profession as a designer, she freed herself from the excesses and pitfalls of mass production. Her credo now: custom-made, small series, and special order. An approach that allows her to reconnect with the true value of things and to offer excellent products made to last.

Under Cécile’s expert and patient hands, the material comes to life and takes on a soul. Patience is required during the firing process, essential steps to obtain durable and high-quality ceramics, but the final result is worth the wait: creations signed by Tellus Faber that will last for generations, combining contemporary design with traditional techniques.

The Haute-Savoie artisan promotes ethno-design, a unique approach that marries ancestral know-how with modern design. Every detail counts: the hand-made engravings, and the meticulously selected accessories (sockets, wires, bulbs, handmade ceiling cups) contribute to the elegance and excellence of her creations. It is a true ode to clay craftsmanship and its traditions, reinvented with freshness and modernity.


Signature Luminaires

  • Drappus: This luminaire embodies Boimare’s delicate touch. The translucent porcelain is enhanced by its form, showcasing her subtle manipulation of light and shadow. Hints of her automotive design heritage can be seen in the clean lines and surfaces.
  • Denticulus: This playful lamp offers a whimsical touch with its light, thin form and vibrant colors. The intricate details hidden within its design are revealed through light and shadow, adding a touch of surprise to any room.

Having established a successful clientele of individual buyers, Boimare is now setting her sights on collaborating with design professionals. Her expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship make Tellus Faber a valuable partner for any design project.

Whether you’re seeking a statement piece for your home or a lighting solution for a design project, Tellus Faber offers a unique blend of functionality, aesthetics, and tradition.