Lovechild backstage, SS24. @tonyamatyu

Sustainability Steals the Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Header: Lovechild backstage, SS24. @tonyamatyu

Copenhagen Fashion Week, held from January 29 to February 2, 2024, showcased a wave of innovative and sustainable fashion. With a vision to be an agenda-setting platform that uses its voice to accelerate sustainability efforts in the fashion industry, Copenhagen Fashion Week approaches sustainability holistically by focusing on environmental and social challenges and by acknowledging cultural and behavioural aspects that are crucial to reinventing and innovating business models in the long run.

Five brands, in particular, stole the spotlight with their commitment to sustainability, blending style with a conscientious approach to environmental and social challenges.


Marimekko, the Finnish lifestyle design company, wove a narrative of sustainability through its AW 24 collection. With a history rooted in prints since 1951, Marimekko believes in offering customers timeless, functional, and durable products. Sustainability is one of the five strategic success factors in their 2023-2027 business strategy.

Marimekko envisions a future where sustainable products are made in harmony with the environment, following circular economy principles. To achieve this, the brand actively collaborates with partners, continuously innovating in technologies, materials, and business models.


Saks Potts, rooted in Copenhagen’s lifestyle, embraces a holistic approach to sustainability. Barbara and Cathrine, the duo behind Saks Potts, spend time in Denmark’s nature, drawing inspiration for their collections. The brand has been working with sustainability experts to create a comprehensive strategy, focusing on their Product and Material Policy and Code of Conduct.

Committed to aligning with internationally recognized principles for sustainable development, Saks Potts has set milestones for a three-year plan. Through this journey, the brand ensures that its impact on social, environmental, and economic aspects aligns with positive and sustainable growth.


Inspired by the colors of Copenhagen, Stine Goya embarked on a colorful journey that resonates on the international stage. The brand values individuality and transparency in its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Stine Goya aims to become 95% sustainable by 2025.

With an expanding presence globally, including a new London showroom, Stine Goya is on a mission to embolden its community with the joy of wearing color while prioritizing the welfare of the planet and its people. Transparency is at the forefront of their strategy, ensuring their commitment to a sustainable future is evident in every piece.


Mark Kenly Domino Tan Studio’s aesthetic revolves around impeccable quality and craftsmanship. The atelier collections, crafted according to couture traditions, focus on timeless designs that survive season after season. Sustainability is embedded in the brand’s core values, emphasizing the importance of extending the life of fashion garments for more sustainable production and consumption.

With carefully sourced, natural fabrics, the brand creates pieces that not only stand out in design but also contribute to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem. Mark Kenly Domino Tan Studio is a testament to the idea that fashion can be both enduring and environmentally conscious.


Founded in 2022 by Danish designer Elisabet Stamm, STAMM is a Scandinavian brand with an international outlook. The brand’s unique designs, described as ‘truck poetry,’ showcase a dualistic approach, combining strong vs sensitive, high fashion with a low-key approach, and calm vs dynamic.

STAMM received recognition as the winner of the ZSA Zalando Sustainability Award during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The brand’s conscious and balanced mindset drives it towards positive directions, focusing on longevity, transparency, and traceability. By incorporating naturally processed Indian fabrics and recycled materials, STAMM’s journey seeks to bring purpose through exchange and unity.

Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 24 has not just been a display of fashion but a collective effort towards a more sustainable and responsible industry. These five brands exemplify the fusion of style and substance, setting the stage for a future where fashion not only dazzles but also leaves a positive impact on the world.