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 Stylish Solutions for Happy Pets & Chic Homes

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Gone are the days when your furry friend’s comfort meant sacrificing your home’s aesthetic. PetSmart is leading the future of interior decor for cat and dog parents with the expansion of the Nate + Jeremiah collection. The exclusive collection features thoughtfully created pet essentials, including beds, bowls, furniture, and accessories for cats and dogs that are as stylish as they are accessible.

Photo credit: PetSmart
Photo credit: PetSmart

The partnership brings together the elevated style and know-how of renowned designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent with PetSmart’s unrivalled expertise in pet care. From marble-inspired food and water bowls to vegan leather couches and modern pet dens, the new line enables cats, dogs, and their parents to live more comfortably and stylishly together.

“Pet parents want to incorporate their pets into every part of their lives, and their living spaces are no exception.

Kristin Shane, chief merchandising officer at PetSmart

“Pet parents want to incorporate their pets into every part of their lives, and their living spaces are no exception,” says Kristin Shane, chief merchandising officer at PetSmart. “The expanded Nate + Jeremiah collection for cats and dogs delivers on pet parents’ desire for products that integrate seamlessly into their home design, at an affordable price point. These items are so unique and beautiful – we’ve found the right balance of our expertise in pet care on what products were missing from the category and what fabrics will hold up for these pets, and the design vision from Nate and Jeremiah to help elevate any space in a pet parents’ home.”

The exclusive assortment for cats and dogs builds on the success of last year’s launch of the Nate + Jeremiah for PetSmart collection for reptiles, small pets, and fish. Berkus and Brent continue to bring a thoughtful, elevated aesthetic to the pet space with a refined selection of colours, textures, and materials, filling a need in the pet marketplace. 

Photo credit: PetSmart
Photo credit: PetSmart

“When we started our collection with small pets, everyone was asking when we were going to design for cats and dogs. We’re very excited to finally share what we’ve been working on for the two most popular pets in the world.”

Jeremiah Brent

With colour and textures inspired by nature and drawing on French and midcentury designs, the expanded dog and cat collection features elevated pieces that can be layered seamlessly into a wide range of decor styles.

Photo credit: PetSmart
Photo credit: PetSmart

“As designers, we are always fascinated by how we can make a home more beautiful, more personal, and more meaningful while also understanding the need for function,” said Berkus. “Extending the collection to include cats and dogs was an opportunity to pull out all the stops because, as pet parents, we know what important family members they are.”

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