Stone Yard, Inc. Launches New Collection with Designer Roger Thomas

Stone Yard, Inc. Launches New Collection with Designer Roger Thomas

Stone Yard, Inc. announced its design partnership with Roger Thomas and the launch of his eponymous collection. As the first collaboration between the globally renowned interior designer and the California-based bespoke furnishings manufacturer, the Roger Thomas Collection at Stone Yard, Inc. reflects Thomas’ storied career in hospitality design and the brand’s unique manufacturing capabilities. Serving high-end hospitality, residential and commercial projects, Stone Yard, Inc. brings one-of-a-kind designs and handcrafted furnishings to life with its proprietary process that emulates the timeless look of stone for indoor and outdoor spaces. The new range introduces a variety of cocktail and occasional tables as well as large planters, all finished by hand, to create elevated environments.  

“My relationship with Stone Yard, Inc. traces back several years, since the company was first founded by Mitch Brean. I have always highly regarded the brand for the consistency of quality, the high-level of design and excellent production,” said Thomas. “Stone Yard, Inc.’s reputation for innovative production allowed me complete freedom of imagination during the design process. I prefer to design what I can’t otherwise find in the industry and was able to imagine the best solutions possible without concern for production difficulties.” 

“With Roger’s illustrious career in the hospitality world, designing for some of the finest properties in the world, it was an honor to partner together on this special collaboration for Stone Yard, Inc.,” says Mitch Brean, Stone Yard, Inc.’s Founder & Lead Designer. “His unwavering passion and mastery of the craft have served as a perpetual source of inspiration as I’ve progressed along my own design path, and the opportunity to work alongside Roger marks a significant highlight in my career.” 

The Roger Thomas Collection at Stone Yard, Inc. offers durable yet lightweight designs designed to withstand the natural elements. Each piece highlights Thomas’ acute attention to detail as well as his personal passions for travel and art with globally inspired design motifs to create sophisticated spaces:  


Bold, sleek, and versatile, the City Block cocktail table and side table has a beveled grid design that exudes simplicity and strength, ideal as a dramatic accent for both indoor and outdoor settings. Inspired by the foundation of the 15th-century Ca del Duca Sforza in Venice, the tables seamlessly blend tradition with modernity for timeless appeal. The cocktail table’s oval shape is an attractive solution for hospitality and residential spaces, allowing for fluid movement around designated seating areas. 


Inspired by the elegance of 1930s Paris interiors and the enchanting play of light and shadow seen on a 13th-century door in Parma, Italy, Piramide captures classic proportions with a modern twist, marrying simplicity with innovation for a truly captivating piece. 

Stone Yard, Inc. Launches New Collection with Designer Roger Thomas
Stone Yard, Inc. Launches New Collection with Designer Roger Thomas


Bois’ deep wood grain texture is taken from the Edo period craftsmanship showcased in a piece from Roger Thomas’ personal collection. The planter features an engaging pinwheel form with simplistic rotation resulting in a dynamic final shape. 


Dama, named after the Italian translation for “checkers”, applies classical proportions and a deep texture to the foundational diamond pattern. Paying homage to the lattice seen in French gardens, the grid and vertical ribbing evoke sophistication and depth, creating an eye-catching interplay of light and shadow across its surface. 


Drawing inspiration from 20th-century Milanese architecture, Diamonte’s elongated diamond panel pays homage to the genius of Piero Portaluppi. The planter adds a touch of sophistication to any space, from personal homes to grand outdoor terraces and poolsides.