Altar Ninho

Stay in a Tiny House Among the Trees

Altar Ninho is a unique refuge at Pedra Alta farm, offering an exclusive stay in a house elevated among trees, providing stunning views of Joanópolis Reservoir in São Paulo, Brazil. The innovative tiny house, nestled in the Atlantic Forest, features a queen-size bunk bed overlooking the reservoir, an outdoor deck, and a bathroom with a zenithal opening for bathing with sky views and treetops.

Guests enjoy an exclusive leisure area with a sofa, outdoor table, shower, barbecue grill, and personalized services through an attentive concierge.

The architectural design prioritizes sustainability, employing prefabricated houses to minimize environmental impact, and integrating with nature. Strategically located in Joanópolis, Altar Ninho provides easy access to waterfalls, trails, and enchanting landscapes, combining mountains and reservoir waters.

Altar Ninho

Gastronomy is essential to the experience, encouraging guests to cook and offering the services of a local chef. Altar Ninho not only offers an escape from routine but also access to various natural landscapes.

And now, experiencing the design brilliance of Altar Ninho is easier than ever. Alongside our look at the architectural and design philosophy of this retreat, we invite you to take a virtual tour. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Altar Ninho, from the comfort of your own home.

Altar Ninho

Concept and Design: Natureza Urbana

  • Lead Designers: Pedro Lira, Pedro Borba, Manoela Machado
  • Other Designers: Breno Pilot, Julia Ximenes, Maria Luiza Torres, Maria Caterina Di Spigna, Luan Neske

Hospitality: Altar

Construction: CUBICSET

Photography: Maíra Acayaba

Location: Joanópolis-SP, Brazil