Mirage by Sébastien Léon

Sébastien Léon’s Radiant Collaboration with Ralph Pucci

RALPH PUCCI International, a luxury furniture and lighting company headquartered in New York City, is proud to announce its representation of multidisciplinary artist Sébastien Léon with Mirage, a debut collection of 19 unique glass light sculptures. The journey of RALPH PUCCI International began in 1954 when Nick and Lee Pucci started repairing mannequins in their Mount Vernon, NY basement. Inspired by their son Ralph, the company transitioned to fabricating unique mannequins in 1976, earning great acclaim in the process.

While maintaining its sculpting and manufacturing capabilities in the heart of Manhattan, RALPH PUCCI International has evolved into a renowned gallery, widely regarded as one of the best in the world. With outposts now in Los Angeles, Miami (with a new location premiering in 2023), and a London pop-up in Fall 2022, the company has expanded its reach while staying rooted in its creative roots.

The furniture chapter of RALPH PUCCI International began in 1989, catalyzed by a mannequin created by French interior designer Andrée Putman. She encouraged Pucci to represent her furniture in the United States, thus opening the door to a new dimension of design. Today, RALPH PUCCI International collaborates with the world’s leading artists and designers, particularly focusing on pieces that highlight “the hand of the artist.”

For Pucci, the pursuit of great design is an ongoing quest to celebrate legends while also nurturing emerging talent. This commitment has led to frequent collaborations with students from prestigious institutions such as Pratt Institute, RISD, and Jazz House Kids. Now in its third generation of leadership, with siblings Michael and Nicole Pucci at the helm, RALPH PUCCI International is approaching its seventh decade in business.

The company continues to pioneer in-house collections, harnessing the manufacturing skills of its mannequin craftsmen to create new designs still made in the Manhattan headquarters on 18th Street. These creations encompass long-term designer portfolios featuring artists like Elizabeth Garouste, John Koga, Patrick Naggar, Eric Schmitt, and Paul Mathieu, as well as the Ralph Pucci Collection.

Mirage by Sébastien Léon
Mirage by Sébastien Léon

RALPH PUCCI has recently announced the representation of multidisciplinary artist Sébastien Léon with Mirage, a debut collection of 19 unique glass light sculptures. Born in France and based in Los Angeles, Léon’s multidisciplinary work blurs the line between art and design, exploring the space between opposing forces to create works that are captivating and unexpected. Léon’s creative vision encapsulates the elements of chaos in geometry and includes techniques used in prestidigitation, resulting in unique works of art.

Known for creating beautiful, sculptural art with hidden functionality, in Mirage, Léon explores the illusions of light.

In his inaugural show for RALPH PUCCI, Léon ventures into the realm of glass manipulation, transforming geometrically blown glass cubes into semi-anthropological shapes through the application of flame and gravitational forces. Through meticulous deformations, each sculpture emerges as a distinct entity possessing its own unique shape and texture.

A touch of magic is introduced as Léon expertly applies a silver finish to these creations using the antique process of mirroring, which conceals the lighting within their cores. When the sculptures are switched off, their surfaces reveal a reflective patina adorned with traces of oxidation and occasional bursts of color. However, when illuminated, the mirror effect retreats and magically allows lighting to subtly permeate, resulting in a mesmerizing visual experience.

Every piece is mounted upon a custom pedestal crafted from ceramic, wood, or cement, further enhancing its individuality and providing a functional stage for its presence.

The collection name Mirage alludes to the sand used to make glass and the illusion Léon creates with the light disguised behind the sculptures’ mirrored surface. Mirage by Sébastien Léon will open at RALPH PUCCI (Los Angeles) on October 26th.

While steadfast in its commitment to the excellence and artistry of noble materials crafted in European and American ateliers, RALPH PUCCI International remains forward-looking, constantly seeking what’s next in the world of design and art.