london festival of architecture 2024

Reimagining Spaces at London Festival of Architecture 2024

Header image: Jane Lam

London Festival of Architecture (LFA) is a one-month celebration of architecture that takes place in June throughout London. The festival’s mission is to spark discussions focusing on architecture, discover new talents, and test ideas. LFA 2024 will start on June 1, 2024, and will last until June 30, 2024.

Since its origin in 2024, the festival’s mission has been to celebrate good design and reveal the underlying potential of emerging designers. Moreover, LFA doesn’t only celebrate buildings, it also celebrates the in-between spaces and the people who use them.

The theme of the London Festival of Architecture 2024 is Reimagine. The need for change is certainly not new. Together we are facing some of the biggest challenges presented to the modern person which are more than overwhelming. In a time of climate crisis, social injustice, and inequality we have to take action in our roles as citizens. While resetting or restarting comes across as impossible, we are at a place where we have to rethink, reflect, repair, rebuild, and most importantly reimagine.

london festival of architectue 2024
Photo credit: Kes-Tchaas Eccleston

The goal is to see how public spaces can be reimagined, from rethinking high streets to innovative kerbside strategies and the use of road closures.

Participants in the curation panel of LFA 2024 are Popy Levison, Architectural Assistant, DSDHA and Architect, DisOrdinary Architecture Project; Gurmeet Sian, founder of Sian Architecture + Design; Jessica Neil, CEO of The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation; Moira Lascelles, Executive Director & Head of Partnerships, UP Projects, Tom Ravenscroft, editor at Dezeen; Martyn Evan, Creative Director at Landsec U+I, and Ruchi Chakravarty, an urban designer with a focus on holistic placemaking.

2024 marks 20 years since the London Festival of Architecture first started. This would be a moment of celebration as well as a chance to reflect on the impact of the festival over the last two decades.

Studio Lates will also return for LFA 2024. The program has been a cornerstone for the LFA program, providing an opportunity to see what is happening behind the scenes of London’s leading architectural and design practices. Whether it is a workshop or a tour, Studio Lates is focused on practices. This year the Studio Lates take place every Thursday in June.

Often thought of as the spiritual home of architecture in London, Fitzrovia is a hub for design innovation and engineering. This is going to be the first Studio Late for 2024, taking place on Thursday, June 6. In addition, on June 13, Cambridge Heat and Hackney will be introduced. Home to a flourishing creative and cultural community, many design practices have adventured further East and call Cambridge Heath & Hackey home. Clerkenwell and Shoreditch is the birthplace of LFA and maybe the area with the highest concentration of architects in London. Studio Lates in Clerkenwell will take place on June 27.

london festival of architecture
Photo credit: Jane Lam

LFA 2024 destinations include Barnet, Bromley, The City, West End, and Fitzrovia.

The full program of activities taking place at each destination will be published on May 8, 2024.