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Dream, Create & Inspire at the 3daysofdesign Festival in Copenhagen, 12-14 June 2024

3daysofdesign is a festival for dreamers, doers, and the design curious that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 12 to June 14, 2024. The festival provides a platform for emerging and established design brands from Denmark and around the globe.

3daysofdesign was founded over a decade ago with a vision to showcase and celebrate the inspired minds shaping the creative landscape of tomorrow. Integral to the founders’ ambition was a desire to provide a platform for visionaries to realize their dreams through the power of community and connection.

The theme of this year’s event is DARE TO DREAM.

Dreams are the gateway to our innermost thoughts. A springboard for the imagination, free from limitations rooted in practicalities. It’s within this dreamscape that unconventional ideas and solutions are born.

Signe Byrdal Terenziani, CEO of 3daysofdesign
Signe Byrdal Terenziani CEO 3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark
Signe Byrdal Terenziani, CEO of 3daysofdesign, Photo credit: 3daysofdesign

In June, more than 250 exhibitors will welcome visitors worldwide to discover new furniture, accessories, lighting, and more. The festival occurs in shops, streets, showrooms, and other venues throughout Denmark’s capital. While the event is a must-see for design professionals, it is also open to the general public. All exhibitions are free and during the day they are open from 10:00 to 18: o’clock.

In the ongoing commitment to curate a diverse and impactful program, the organizers are dedicated to their core values of promoting innovative design and craftsmanship, and a sustainability agenda.

This summer the festival is set to host over 350 exhibitions in the streets, showrooms, galleries, and event spaces across Copenhagen, Denmark.



A-N-D is a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada where original collections are conceptualized, built, and assembled in-house. A-N-D investigates new design possibilities using innovative production methods while integrating the most current technologies in lighting.

3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark a-n-d
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign
3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark a-n-d
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign


&Tradition is an international brand, built on a Danish legacy of craftsmanship and design. Whether the starting point is new or re-issued, they are passionate about designing the classics of tomorrow. They believe in empowering their employees and network of creatives, designers, and partners to take an active part in their journey as a brand.

3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark &Tradition
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign


Durup is a luxury drapery and design studio that combines a signature haute couture aesthetic with a joie de vivre approach to interiors. Following a career in the fashion industry, Nicoline Durup founded the company in 2019 with a vision to bring high-end fashion into the home, using rich, distinct fabric compositions to elevate form without sacrificing function.

Under the theme, White Writings, Studio Durup has joined forces with high-end fabric supplier Dedar from Milano. In the artistic surroundings of jewelry designer Elhanati, Durup exhibits a curated selection of haute couture fabrics turned into fashionable curtains transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark durup studio
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign
3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark durup studios
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign


With a Scandinavian heritage and an uncompromising approach to design and aesthetics, Frame Studios strives to offer beautiful, handcrafted kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes at affordable prices. Founded in 2019, Frame Studios’ ultimate passion is handmade interiors. A standard interior does not exist, everything is tailor-made to suit individual needs and desires, making sure all space is used optimally. Their range includes carefully selected natural stones, wood species, colors, and handles.

3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark Frame
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign
3daysofdesign copenhagen denmark Frame
Photo credit: 3daysofdesign

Final Thoughts

While we have mentioned just four exhibitions, 3daysofdesign promises many more things to see and explore. For years, 3daysofdesign has been more than just a festival. It has been a venue for dreamers and design-curious people from across the globe. With each year that has passed, the event keeps growing and evolving, providing a platform for both emerging talents and established brands in the field.