Quebecor, DevMcGill (a division of Cogir Real Estate), and OMNIA Technologies are proud to be partners in the CHUM Foundation Grand Prize Draw to help support the CHUM Research Centre

Montréal, Canada

Cogir Real Estate

In giving the highest priority to research and development, the partnership formed by Quebecor, DevMcGill (a division of Cogir Real Estate), and OMNIA Technologies is proud to be involved with the CHUM Foundation in helping with a major fund-raising campaign to help support the CHUM Research Centre. The campaign will take the form of a Grand Prize Draw in which all Quebeckers are welcome to buy tickets priced at $10 each up to and including June 3, 2021. Proceeds will go to support the CHUM Research Centre in its mission to excel and will serve to promote knowledge, for everyone’s benefit.

Urban Chalet
Photo credit: Imperia Condominiums

All participants in the Grand Prize Draw may win prizes valued at more than $500,000, including one of our Imperia Condominium apartments, contributed by the partnership and located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles (or a $300,000 cash prize), or one of five (5) second prizes. The grand prize and the second prize will be drawn on June 15, 2021. Tickets may be purchased on the Grand Prize Draw website at, in participating Metro supermarkets, and on the Groupe BMR website at

Imperia Condominiums Project in the Quartier des Spectacles
Photo credit: Imperia Condominiums

A Centre With Global Impact

Recent events have provided indisputable evidence of the importance of research and development on health issues. The CHUM Research Centre contributes to this endeavor by turning scientific knowledge into practical benefits for patients. Over 480 researchers and investigators, assisted by some 470 postgraduate students and their teams, are working inside the center’s walls to bring to fruition a number of ambitious projects covering many fields of study. Numerous accomplishments and discoveries made by the center have gained global recognition and contribute to the improvement of health care.

Studio Imperia Condominiums
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Rooftop Terrace
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Partners Quebecor, DevMcGill, Omnia Technologies
Photo credit: Imperia Condominiums

About Cogir Real Estate

A Quebec-based company incorporated in 1995, Cogir Real Estate relies on a team of more than 4,000 colleagues who work tirelessly to provide the best service possible to their clients. The team manages over 250 properties in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario as well as in the United States. It oversees more than 7 million square feet of commercial, industrial, and office space. From a residential standpoint, the company is responsible for over 25,000 housing units including a network involving more than 50 private seniors’ residences. Our company has also acquired extensive experience in hotel management.

About OMNIA Technologies

For over 35 years, OMNIA has specialized in the construction and development of major residential, industrial and commercial projects. Under the leadership of President Jean-François Beaulieu and his team of experienced professionals, OMNIA stands out for the quality of its work, always focusing on the needs of its customers. Thanks to its unique know-how, the company has successfully managed numerous projects of varying sizes, totaling millions of constructed square footage. The firm had led projects ranging from $10 million to $150 million. Its diversified portfolio includes: Imperia Condos, Eli Condos, Condos Enticy, Centra condos, Complexe FTQ and Imprimerie Journal de Montréal.

About Imperia Condominiums

Imperia Condominiums is a spectacular 22-story project. The brainchild of a partnership involving DevMcGill, OMNIA technologies, and Quebecor, it features 221 condominium units and many conveniences and common areas. Located front-row-center of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, Imperia Condominiums is adjacent to the century-old Imperial Cinema. 

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