Pac Heights' Historic High-Rise Striking the Perfect Harmony of Old and Modern

Pac Heights’ Historic High-Rise Striking the Perfect Harmony of Old and Modern

In the heart of San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, a historic high-rise has undergone a chic makeover that brilliantly merges modern style with traditional charm. Designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture, this renovation pays tribute to the building’s past while creating a trendy space that capitalizes on stunning views of the city.

Located in a building where each apartment takes up a whole floor, residents in Pacific Heights get amazing views of San Francisco landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Sutro Tower. The challenge for the architects was to keep the old-timey feel while upgrading the space to highlight the awesome surroundings.

Pac Heights' Historic High-Rise Striking the Perfect Harmony of Old and Modern

A crucial part of this renovation was finding the right balance between old-school and modern vibes. By embracing the existing historic features, like double-hung windows, the architects kept things traditional with trim and doors. This mix created a cool blend of classic architecture and contemporary touches that work together seamlessly.

The careful eye for detail shows in every part of the Pacific Heights makeover. The project builder, Dowbuilt, made sure the millwork was spot-on in their Seattle shop, and local San Francisco talent contributed to custom steel profiles and stone slab elements, giving the place an authentic local touch.

The crown molding in the living and dining rooms is a prime example of top-notch craftsmanship. Artisan Paul McCarthy from Nantucket took his time carving out intricate designs, adding a touch of uniqueness. Choosing oak floors in a Hungarian Point pattern also brought a touch of class to the traditional herringbone look.

Michael Hennessey Architecture

Behind this project is Michael Hennessey, an architect with over 20 years of experience. Hennessey’s love for nature and architecture, starting in Sonoma County and developing in the desert, shines through. Focused on light, proportion, and scale, his expertise is evident in the Pacific Heights makeover, where he seamlessly blends the natural surroundings into the design.

The result is a customized masterpiece that respects the building’s history. With minimalistic touches, the architects purposely drew attention away from the architecture, letting the incredible views and carefully chosen artwork take the spotlight. The interiors become a canvas, capturing the essence of San Francisco’s charm and the unique Pacific Heights lifestyle.

Michael Hennessey Architecture

Photo Credit: Adam Rouse