Sha’Carri Richardson Represents Team USA

Nike Presents Athletes’ Kits for The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

As we are coming close to the beginning of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris this summer, all eyes are on the athletes. While fans are anticipating the upcoming performances, sports apparel are unveiling their collections for each country. The world’s leading sports brand Nike is no exception.

During the “Nike On Air” experience in Paris, Nike revealed its 2024 national and federation Kits. In partnership with more than 100 federations across team and individual sports, Nike’s kits are the most athlete-informed, data-driven, and visually unified the company has ever produced.

They were designed using 4D motion-capture data algorithmically honed with pixel-level precision. Each kit was engineered specifically for each competition and complexion. Inspired by the distinct identities and diverse communities each country and sport represent, Nike kits are full of vibrant colours and unique prints.

Nike Athletes in 2024 National and Federation Kits
Nike Athletes in 2024 National and Federation Kits. Photo courtesy of Nike, Inc.

In designing each kit Nike’s design team focused on meeting each athlete’s individual needs and creating designs that would help them achieve their goals, without limiting their mobility. Every detail was thought after, with the main goal of making athletes’ performance as comfortable as possible.

“Nike designed the Paris 2024 track and field kits to offer athletes a range of silhouettes tailored for various sport disciplines, body types and sizes, prioritizing performance and maximum breathability.”

– John Hoke, Nike Chief Innovation Officer.

When developing design and garments Nike’s main focus was to ensure that every body type was represented and included, in addition to the athletes’ feedback. In addition to 4D-motion technology, they used the Dri-FIT ADV platform, to help athletes remain cool and dry for their performance- this summer.

Sha’Carri Richardson Represents Team USA
Sha’Carri Richardson Represents Team USA. Photo courtesy of Nike, Inc.

With the collection of 50 unique pieces across men’s and women’s track and field and a dozen competition styles, athletes can choose outfits that match their style and personal preference without sacrificing comfort during the Olympic games in Paris.

“I’ve had the opportunity to share feedback and insights that helped inform the new USATF Kit. During testing, this fit allowed me to move freely and without distraction, and I love how the look represents Team USA.”

– hurdler Anna Cockrell
Anna Cockrell Represents Team USA Track & Field.
Anna Cockrell Represents Team USA Track & Field. Photo courtesy of Nike, Inc.

Unlike most athletes’ kits, Nike focused on a diverse color palette and bright prints, instead of minimalistic designs representing elements of each country’s flag, bringing more attention to the fit as a whole.

Nike has been Team USA’s main outfitter since 2006, replacing Adidas. However, it was reported that Nike’s spending on this year’s Olympics was higher than any previous year. This calculated move—done in hopes of increasing sales—was part of the brand’s marketing plan amidst the upcoming Games in Paris.