Milano Design Week 2024's Fuorisalone, 16th to the 21st of April

Milano Design Week 2024’s Fuorisalone, 16th to the 21st of April

Few design fairs are as important as Milano Design Week, which is composed of two major events where visitors are introduced to the trends and innovations of the worlds of furniture and decoration. The iSaloni is the largest furniture fair worldwide and an important “inspiration provider” to the furniture designers of the world. Fuorisalone, on the other hand, is comprised of several shows and exhibitions scattered around Milan, including one by the Universitá degli Studi de Milano.

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The Event

Fuorisalone is the number one event where companies and designers take advantage of the various districts in Milan, each with its own vibe, to display their products and solutions. This event also has its very own online platform,, where many institutions share official communications and press releases, making it an avid design supporter all year round. This platform has been growing since 2003, having promoted several brands, designers, and events, definitely marking its spot in the design sphere as The Event.

In 2020, COVID made it impossible for Milan to host its yearly design fair, but Fuorisalone, with its fully digital communication channel, allowed designers to share their work and get some visibility – not even a world pandemic can stop design. Currently, concepts like “identity“, “network“, and “multichannel” are at the core of Fuorisalone, making this the platform of excellence for the strategic marketing plants of designers all over the world.

Fuorisalone 2024

This year, Fuorisalone will shake Milan from the 15th to the 21st of April, promising a lively atmosphere where creativity and innovation will be shared by professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike. From exhibitions to installations, meetings to presentations, new products will decorate the neighbourhoods of Milan.

This year’s chosen theme is “Materia Natura“, a thoughtful decision meant to promote culture and eco-conscious design, vouching for the connection between humans and nature, and marking sustainability as the very future of design.

There, great names from the design sphere will share their works. Visitors can expect Marco De Vicenzo‘s first home collection, deeply inspired by the 70s, and Oki Sato’s Everything Nendo‘s industrial furnishings. Joana Vasconcelos‘ sofas, side by side with ones by Rikke Frost, can also be seen, not to mention PRODUCTION APRIL‘s bold compositions and much, much more.