Marupi's Commitment to Light Living and Environmental Harmony

Marupi’s Commitment to Light Living and Environmental Harmony 

Natureza Urbana‘s breathtaking Marupi project has been deservedly recognized at the prestigious LIV Hospitality Design Awards, taking home the top prize in the Architectural Design Lodge category. The project, located in Uruçuca, BA, Brazil, embodies a deep respect for the surrounding environment and cultural heritage, offering visitors a truly immersive and sustainable experience.

 Marupi's Commitment to Light Living and Environmental Harmony

The project’s name, Marupi, is steeped in the Tupi-Guarani language, signifying “place,” “path,” or “gathering of happy people.” This essence is echoed in the design, which fosters connection and community while preserving the natural beauty of the Cocoa Coast.

Drawing inspiration from the regional concept of “cocoa de cabruca” – a method of cultivating cocoa that integrates seamlessly with the existing forest – the Marupi masterplan prioritizes environmental and social harmony. The architects and designers, Pedro Lira, Camila Reis, Manoela Machado, Breno Pilot, Julia Ximenes, and Luan Neske, have envisioned a space where visitors can retreat and reconnect with nature, all while adhering to a light and sustainable lifestyle.

Much like the cocoa trees that thrive within the forest canopy, the architectural design adapts and integrates with the surrounding landscape. This “cabruca” approach fosters unique experiences centred around cultural immersion, gastronomy, well-being, and high quality of life. Marupi aspires to be a haven for those seeking healthy and inclusive practices, offering a space for connection, rejuvenation, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

This project serves as an inspiration for future hospitality ventures, paving the way for a more sustainable and immersive travel experience.