Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier

Louboutin’s Shoes Inspire a Limited Edition Chair Collection

Drawing on a decade-long friendship and creative partnership, Pierre Yovanovitch called on designer Christian Louboutin to collaborate on a collection of chairs inspired by female icons. The collection, which is a joint creative undertaking between the two designers, incorporates the work of a selection of best-in-class, historic French artisans to meticulously craft each piece.

There are nine limited edition works which are inspired by strong female characters and allegories, from Nefertari and Metropolissa to Dita (von Teese). As a nod to Christian Louboutin’s renowned Nudes shoe collection, the collaboration also features an open edition “Simply Nude” series of five female-inspired silhouettes.

“This collection is as much of an homage to French savoir-faire as it is to feminine beauty,” Yovanovitch said in a statement. “As a close friend and respected visionary, it was a dream to be able to collaborate with Christian on this project. Drawing from our shared affinity for haute-couture artisanry, we enlisted a roster of classically trained artists to meticulously bring these diverse female characters to life.”

Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier

The result is an imaginative ode to feminine beauty as told through French craftsmanship.

Photos Courtesy of Pierre Yovanovitch