isea boutique resort

iSea Boutique Resort Unveils Spectacular Circular Architecture

Photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki

iSea is a resort nestled along the coastline with an expansive stretch of white sandy beach, surrounded by the breathtaking natural scenery of Van Phong Bay in central Vietnam.  The location comprises 8 accommodation units alongside functional areas such as a bar, restaurant, spa, and a children’s play area, where visitors can embrace the tranquillity of the sea and revel in the magnificent natural beauty.

The resort, designed by Pham Huu Son Architectures (PHSA), strategically positions 8 bedrooms to capture splendid views of the pristine beach, ensuring guests are immersed in the beauty of the surroundings. A unique circular architectural structure unfolds as the recreational area, including the bar, orbits around a central pool, creating a distinctive layout that enhances the overall guest experience.

Led by Pham Huu Son, the PHSA team comprises a group of young individuals whose primary focus lies in the realms of simplicity, modernity, and sustainable green architecture. The famous design Santo by the Sea Villa has won several awards which include the LIV Hospitality Design Award and the LOOP Design Award.

Embracing sustainability, iSea Boutique Resort makes a conscientious choice with environmentally friendly unfired brick materials. This not only aligns with ecological responsibility but also establishes a meaningful connection with the local community. The intentionally unfinished design, adorned with a rustic touch of natural white lime, resonates with the resort’s commitment to providing an intimate and inviting space for its guests.

The harmony between architecture and nature is vividly portrayed through large glass panels. Not only do they expand the space but also give the sense that iSea, the sky, and the sea form a unified entity. Every detail is carefully chosen by Pham Huu Son, the lead architect, to ensure that iSea is not just a resort but also a vibrant piece of art, seamlessly blending into the natural beauty of the surroundings.

In a world where environmental consciousness and luxury often seem in contradiction, iSea Boutique Resort proves this wrong. Utilizing thoughtful design and commitment to responsible tourism, iSea provides guests with a great experience.