Team Canada Summer Athlete Kit for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games by lululemon

First Look at lululemon-Designed Team Canada’s Kit for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

lululemon presented its first-ever summer Athlete Kit for Team Canada for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). As the Official Outfitter of Team Canada, lululemon embarks on its second Games in a multi-year partnership with the COC and CPC with an innovative and stylish design combining modern silhouettes and Canadian-inspired prints.

“For Paris 2024, we had the opportunity to deepen our partnership with the Olympians and Paralympians who represent Canada on the global stage. We took an innovation-first approach to design a collection driven by athlete insights, so they can feel and perform their best in Paris. All of us at lululemon are honoured to support these athletes, both as individuals and a team, as they represent their country this summer.”

– Calvin McDonald, lululemon’s ceo

Functionality Meets Style

lululemon, well-known and loved by many, is an athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories brand favoured for a wide range of sports activities such as yoga, running, and training. Thanks to its unique products that create remarkable experiences for customers, lululemon has been able to build meaningful connections with its clientele, making it one of the most successful sports apparel brands.

Known for their focus on wellbeing for all, lululemon’s design is always based on functionality and innovative fabrics to make any practice as enjoyable as possible. So it is no surprise that when designing this collection, lululemon wasn’t focusing only on the design’s aesthetics but performance as well.

19 Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes across 14 different sports have been taking part in product testing and giving their feedback for lululemon to be able to better cater to everyone’s unique needs during the Games.

“Paris will be my fourth Olympics and I have not seen a kit quite like this. We’re going to be able to showcase some of our own personal style while showing off our Canadian pride together.”

– Damian Warner, lululemon Ambassador and Decathlon Olympic Champion

Canadian Pride in Style

Athletes, coaches, and support staff will wear Team Canada apparel throughout key moments at the Games, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, medal ceremonies, media appearances, travel, and daily life in the Athlete Village.

When designing the apparel, special attention was of course given to the incorporation of Canadian prints and colors. Red and white colored pieces with the symbolic maple-leave print point to the athletes’ national pride.

While celebrating Canada, athletes get to enjoy the adaptability, thermal comfort, and fit & function of their attire. For example, the magnetic-close zippers, pull-on loops, and sensory touch guides are designed considering different bodies with different abilities. Besides that, the kit’s adjustable styles like the Convertible Pant & Jacket, as well as SenseKnit™ technology will provide thermal comfort to the athletes no matter the temperature. Lastly, four-way stretch fabrics, customizable drawcords, and newly engineered pocket shapes and placements increase the functionality as well as the style of the kit.

      “My biggest takeaway from this process was lululemon’s commitment to working with Paralympians to make the pieces accessible and adaptable. It’s not only about looking good but also about feeling good – and I can’t imagine a better way to show up for Canada. I know this kit will be a part of my daily wardrobe moving forward because of the attention to detail.”

      – Zak Madell, lululemon Ambassador and Team Canada Wheelchair Rugby Player.

      The Great News for Canadian Fans

      Now Team Canada fans can join their favorite team in style and purchase Team Canada apparel and accessories for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

      “Our partnership with lululemon has been transformational for Team Canada athletes. We are thrilled to be working with an outfitter that truly understands our mission and shares our values, and has worked so hard to create a team kit that can make us all proud. Not only are Team Canada athletes going to shine on the field of play – they’re going to turn heads wherever they show up in Paris.”

      – David Shoemaker, CEO OF Canadian Olympic Committee

      Additionally, in partnership with COC and CPC, lululemon will give back 10% of sales from all Future Legacy items supporting the Canadian Olympic Foundation and Paralympic Foundation of Canada to Canadian athletes through the Future Legacy program. As both organizations help Canadian athletes access the resources, equipment, and funding they need to experience the power of sport for Paris 2024, lululemon is expanding the Future Legacy program to include the Team Canada Ball Cap, Scarf, and Mini Belt Bag.

      “This will be one of the most adaptable and inclusive kits Canada has ever worn at the Games. lululemon’s dedication to detail and working in partnership with athletes will ensure all team members are both stylish and comfortable. The Canadian Paralympic Team will be proud to wear this kit in Paris this summer while showcasing the best of Paralympic sport on the world stage.”

      – Karen O’Neill, CEO OF Canadian Paralympic Committee.