Representing the continued evolution of the DWR offering, the new Bay Area location will mark the brand’s most experiential concept to date

Design Within Reach Brings A New Way To Experience Authentic Modern Design

    Design Within Reach, Inc. (DWR), the leading source for modern living, has opened a new store, which will feature first-time original concept spaces for the brand, in San Francisco, California. Located in the heart of the city’s burgeoning design district, the Potrero Hill space builds upon DWR’s latest Studio experience and was developed with the guiding principle of using modern design to educate and inspire visitors in an approachable, immersive, and resourceful way. The Studio takes inspiration from its local surroundings to create offerings for visitors to strengthen their relationship with their city. The space will debut rotating galleries which will showcase interactive exhibits, special partnerships, new launches, and exclusive collaborations, helping to foster a sense of community and connectedness.

    “San Francisco has been at the forefront of multiple cultural movements, and we can take inspiration from its ability to adapt, evolve and innovate,” notes Omar Nobil, VP of Product Design and Brand Creative at Design Within Reach. “Walking through this Studio is meant to feel like reading a love letter to San Francisco – the birthplace of Design Within Reach. The space pays homage to the city’s legacy of tastemaking and invites visitors to experience the best in modern design through that lens. At the same time, our rotating gallery spaces offer a look toward the future, highlighting artists and brands whose voices have been essential in shaping modern design and will surely continue to inspire in the years to come.”

    DWR PRESENTS: Vitra Prouvé Collection Gallery

    “We are continuously exploring opportunities to optimize our fleet of Studios across North America,” says Debbie Propst, President of Global Retail for MillerKnoll. “While DWR has had a physical presence in San Francisco for many years, we are excited to deepen our foothold here and show the local market all that we have to offer. We hope to build a greater sense of community with our new Studio setting, acting as a guiding light for all things modern design through offering unique experiences with our exhibition spaces, complimentary design consultations with our in-house experts, and unparalleled product portfolio.”

    At the new location, a few blocks away from the current San Francisco Studio, DWR has gut-renovated a 15,000-square-foot 1920s warehouse from the ground up to tap into the cultural design sensibilities of the Bay Area. The brand sought to leverage the existing features and industrial nature of the building to preserve its architectural integrity while simultaneously transforming it into a fresh DWR Studio. The original timber and skylights line the ceiling, and glass brick, steel, quiet lighting, and signage elements embrace the utilitarian and industrial aesthetic of the original building and surrounding neighborhood.

    “The Gallery” and the “Case Study Apartment,” the temporary exhibition spaces, make up over 2,000 square feet and will serve as opportunities for visitors to interact with DWR’s products in new ways, highlight local institutions, and be inspired by San Francisco’s creative energy.

    Delivering on our promise of design within reach, upon opening, the Studio’s gallery space will feature ‘DWR PRESENTS: Vitra Prouvé Collection Gallery,’ adds Nobil. “The purpose of this space is to celebrate the design process that is inherent in our DNA and the iconic brands we offer. For our first exhibition, we have invited Vitra to showcase a celebration of the work of renowned French architect Jean Prouvé. The exhibition deconstructs a series of Prouvé’s iconic works and also features a Prouvé reading room for visitors.”

    Another focal point of the San Francisco Studio will be a “Case Study” apartment that will play host to a series of temporary installations. The first Case Study installation is in partnership with USM. DWR has partnered with the Swiss design and manufacturing brand to create several unique configurations of its timeless USM Haller Collection which will live alongside iconic DWR product within the space.

    Reform at DWR

    The Studio will also present Reform at DWR. A modern Danish kitchen and cabinetry company, Reform has collaborated with many of the same cutting-edge architects and furniture designers as DWR, including French architect Jean Nouvel and Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen. DWR San Francisco customers will be able to explore a variety of Reform cabinet offerings, as well as work with a Reform planner to design their own kitchens and wardrobes. Reform at DWR will roll out to other studios across the country such as New York and La Jolla this Spring, joining Reform at DWR Chicago.

    Music and art throughout the space will offer additional cultural touchpoints. While visiting the gallery spaces, customers will listen to playlists inspired by the incredible history of progressive independent music from the Bay Area. Curated large-scale Digital Projects from leading textile creator Maharam will also be on view for the first time at DWR throughout the Studio. These high-resolution, washable, museum-quality digital prints, which are scaled and produced on a project- specific basis, will feature emerging and established artists, photographers, illustrators, and fashion and graphic designers. Maharam’s Digital Projects showcase works in an approachable setting, demonstrating how people can live with art.