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Design Shenzhen: Where Technology and Design Converge, March 21-24, 2024

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The second edition of Design Shenzhen is taking place from March 21 to March 24, 2024, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The event will assemble a diversity of creative design works, and the latest software and hardware technologies and exemplify the fusion of technology, art, and design.

The main theme of this year’s event is “the fusion of Design and Technology”. Not only is Design Shenzhen committed to maintaining a global perspective, but it also aims to delve into elevating the functionality of products, environments, and structures. Moreover, CCD, a design company based in Hong Kong, has been invited to craft the visual and spatial design for this year’s event. Drawing inspiration from the physics concept of Fusion, where light atomic nuclei converge to form heavier ones, CCD‘s concept revolves around the idea that the attraction between these nuclei brings them closer, resulting in the creation of a new, more stable substance. This process releases substantial energy.

Since the infusion of technology into design practices, our ongoing exploration has been centered around redefining the concept of ‘design’. Through meticulously curated content, a diverse array of design brands spanning various industries, and insights shared by esteemed guests, we aim to once again harness the power of technology to kindle design inspirations and propel the development of the design industry in the Greater Bay Area

Mr. Wang Xiaogang, Director of Design Shenzhen
Design Shenzhen 2024

The second edition of Design Shenzhen is going to unveil five feature highlights that offer an experience targeting both industry professionals and design enthusiasts.

Good Design Select

Good Design Select highlight aims to spotlight noteworthy Chinese designs that clinched the G-Mark Award in 2023. Through an examination utilizing the “Design Anatomy” exhibition method, curator Shi Xiaoxi will analyze the award-winning designs. Employing a microscopic-level approach, the showcase will delve into various dimensions of product design, including concept, culture, materials, engineering, craftsmanship, form, trend, inspiration, process, packaging, fonts, color, production, branding, and more. This method ensures that visitors gain a profound understanding of the award-winning works, offering a comprehensive and detailed viewing experience. Good Design Select also allows the award-winning products to unveil intricate details through the lens of design anatomy, enabling the audience to grasp the underlying design concepts and thoughts behind each product.

Design Shenzhen 2024


This is a feature co-sponsored by David Hugh, Design Shenzhen, and the Guoshy Longhui Fund, and has been crafted to cultivate awareness regarding the active pursuit of holistic health. Simultaneously, it endeavors to establish a platform for brands, designers, and consumers to engage in meaningful communication, share insights, and explore new avenues for a health-conscious lifestyle backed by scientific evidence. This initiative seeks to develop comprehensive solutions that can be put into practice.

Idea Box

Inspired by “box” and centered on “lifestyle” this highlight aims to create a complete ecosystem of object design, linking domestic and international quality channels and platforms to help brands grow in the direction of commercialization. This year Idea Box will double its exhibition space, and adopt sustainable, and eco-friendly construction methods.

Design Shenzhen 2024

The Design Transformation by Raritag

Based on an in-depth understanding of the interior design industry, Raritag fuses digital technology into the design industry. It also creates an efficient collaborative work pattern that establishes an intelligent design ecosystem for stakeholders. an intelligent design ecosystem for stakeholders. In the upcoming installment of “Design Shenzhen”, Raritag will showcase its product, the “IDEAFUSION,” under the theme of “Design Transformation”. This aims to establish a digital decorative materials experience space, featuring an array of rare sustainable and renewable materials from across the globe. The exhibition will integrate these materials into the innovative design team’s Smart Cloud work mode.

DAST Technology and Art Application Feature Highlight

DAST is an acronym for Design-Art-Social-Tech and represents a model that specifically targets the activation of commercial real estate. This exhibition will showcase 700-square-meter miniature models, that blend form, content, and experience to offer various solutions for the marketing of commercial real estate.

Design Shenzhen 2024

Designers and Guests

At this year’s Design Shenzhen, designers and creatives from around the world will gather at the main forum, exchanging ideas and sparking innovation. Distinguished guests attending the event include luminaries such as Ross Lovegrove, British industrial design master; Leon Krykhtin, Founder and Creative Director of Leon Krykhtin Design Network (LKDN); Cheng Chung, Founder and Creative Director of CCD Hong Kong; Hu Weijian, President and Managing Partner of CCD.

Design Shenzhen will also unveil an array of international brands and emerging trends. Casa Jolie, an imported furniture collection brand, will introduce a new series of Italian flooring from Listone Giordano at the exhibition. Other notable participants include Israeli brand Caesarstone, Italian brand Infinity, German electrical appliances brand Liebherr, and German ceramics brand Villeroy & Boch. Furthermore, the exhibition will feature a multitude of local brands, such as the original home lifestyle brand DakHaan, furniture design brand GRADOCONTRACT, and DECO-DECO resin glass.