D5 MAG’s Lighting Design Highlights: A Year in Review

D5 MAG’s Lighting Design Highlights: A Year in Review

Prepare to step into a world where design takes center stage. D5 Design Magazine is thrilled to present an exclusive Year in Review, casting a spotlight on the Lighting Design. As your go-to guide for all things design, D5 MAG curates excellence across five key areas—Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, and Lighting Design.

Why does Lighting Design matter, you ask? It’s not just about banishing the shadows; it’s about setting the mood, enhancing functionality, and transforming spaces into captivating experiences. In this upcoming feature, we’ll unravel the significance of Lighting Design and explore how it shapes the ambiance, aesthetics, and functionality of our surroundings.

Join us on this illuminating journey through D5 MAG’s Lighting Design Year in Review—a celebration of the designs that play a pivotal role in crafting atmospheres, making spaces come alive, and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Ready to discover the magic of light? Let’s embark on this enlightening adventure together!

 The challenge was to illuminate this iconic river while safeguarding its ecological well-being. 

Thanks to natural materials, as well as the color temperature of the light, the house blends seamlessly into the landscape.

Designed for Symphony Lighting, the LEGO Linear Luminaire is a true celebration of artistry and functionality.

Commissioned by the City of Antwerp, the project aimed to elevate the central station to the title of the “most beautifully illuminated station in the world.” 

Inspired by the graceful sway of wind-blown grass, this lantern responds to passersby like a living organism.