Photo Credits Ben Glezer - LEGO Linear Luminaire

The LEGO Linear Luminaire – A Whimsical Blend of Pragmatism and Imagination in Illuminated Home Decor

In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, a captivating design emerged from the creative minds of ambience, bringing forth a luminaire that goes beyond the ordinary. The LEGO Linear Luminaire, a stunning creation, combines the practicality of modern lighting with the enchantment of youthful imagination and sentimental creativity.

This extraordinary lighting fixture stands as a testament to innovative design, blending playful elements with minimalist aesthetics, to inject joy and wonder into any space it graces. Designed for Symphony Lighting, the LEGO Linear Luminaire is a true celebration of artistry and functionality.

One of the LEGO Linear Luminaire’s defining features is its ability to bathe any room in a delightful kaleidoscope of colors. With repurposed blocks color-coordinated with matching flex cord, this luminaire becomes a joyous focal point that sparks the imagination. Whether used as a pendant or standing vertically, it adds a touch of playfulness to any contemporary setting, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience it.

Photo Credits Ben Glezer - LEGO Linear Luminaire

The design brilliance of the LEGO Linear Luminaire lies in its adaptability. Crafted with precision at 965mm in length, it complements its surroundings flawlessly, offering a sleek and fun appearance. Its light source is carefully chosen to suit the material it illuminates, making it flexible for both ambient and task lighting needs.

This lighting product boasts a wide range of options, from 1800K to 6500K, with tunable capabilities of 1800K-3000K and 2700K-6500K. Emitting a gentle flood distribution with a CRI of 90 and consuming only 8w/m, this luminaire stands as an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. Its Bluetooth control functionality allows users to effortlessly adjust the lighting settings, creating the desired ambiance with ease.

Photo Credits Ben Glezer - LEGO Linear Luminaire

The LEGO Linear Luminaire transcends the conventional boundaries of lighting design, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia and wonder. Minimalist and playful, it effortlessly infuses spaces with enchantment, transforming any interior into a captivating universe.

The masterpiece by ambience for Symphony Lighting, with Susan Hardjono, Ahmed Hassaballa, Josh Filby, and Stephen Justice as the lead designers, epitomizes the essence of imaginative design and functional elegance. Its infusion of colors, adaptability, and whimsical allure make it an unparalleled addition to modern illuminated home decor. Witnessing this luminaire in action is like stepping into a symphony of colors and imagination, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience its magic. The LEGO Linear Luminaire was awarded in the LIT Lighting Design Awards of 2022, a well-deserved recognition of its artistic brilliance and innovative charm.

Photo Credits: Ben Glezer