Photo credit: MUSASHI JAPAN

Creating One-of-a-Kind Knives with Upcycled Marine Waste


Blessed with abundant nature and delicious food, Tsushima in Nagasaki Prefecture is a beautiful place, but it faces a major problem of marine plastic waste.

Photo credit: MUSASHI JAPAN
Photo credit: MUSASHI JAPAN

Addressing marine plastic waste

Every year, a large amount of marine waste from neighboring countries washes ashore, and Tsushima City invests approximately 280 million yen annually in its collection and disposal. Despite its efforts, however, Tsushima City is limited in the amount of waste it can collect annually, and disposing of all marine plastic waste is a challenging task.

In response to this serious issue, there is hope for new initiatives to reuse marine plastic as a valuable resource. One such initiative comes from the Japanese kitchen knife brand MUSASHI JAPAN.

MUSASHI JAPAN has created the “Tsushima Ocean Kitchen Knife” by collecting marine debris that has washed ashore on Tsushima and reusing it as knife handles. This product does not only contribute to solving the serious issue of marine waste, but also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After two long years of development, this innovative product is now complete.

Photo credit: MUSASHI JAPAN
Photo credit: MUSASHI JAPAN

The most distinctive feature of the Tsushima Ocean Kitchen Knife is its handle. Here, various types of marine debris collected on Tsushima Island are reused. Therefore, these knives have a special, one-of-a-kind design that takes advantage of the individual characteristics of the marine debris.

In addition to the beauty of the pattern, the knives are also highly functional. The pattern has a built-in NFC chip, which can be read by a smartphone to directly access the MUSASHI JAPAN website. This allows users to gain a deeper understanding of the story behind the production of the knives and the brand’s commitment to the SDGs.

These knives are designed to be used in everyday life. The intention is for them to be used not only for cooking in the kitchen, but also to serve as opportunities for casual communication about the importance of the SDGs at home parties and other occasions.

Video credit: MUSASHI JAPAN

MUSASHI JAPAN is committed to developing sustainable products that will leave a beautiful planet for future generations, and the Tsushima Ocean Kitchen Knife is part of this effort to naturally incorporate the SDGs into our daily lives and to spread the importance of the SDGs.