baby t

Coffee Perfection in Every Space with Baby T

In the world of coffee, where quality and precision reign supreme, the arrival of a new contender always sparks excitement. Introducing the latest innovation from Ascaso Studio, a company renowned for its cutting-edge coffee technology and sleek designs.

Baby T was born from a model of Ascaso Studio for a commercial channel. It uses the same technology as the Barista T model and has the same features. However, it has been reduced in size – only 35 cm. This allows for high-quality extraction in any place – the hospitality sector, cafés, offices, food trucks, and more.

The coffee machine is 100% professional. It offers exceptional thermal stability, and it is energy efficient. Additionally, it has features such as pull Pid control (coffee and steam) and multi-grouping.

baby t

This new concept is developed with innovation in mind. Ascaso Studio focuses on T-Technology which offers thermal stability with low energy consumption and clean, fresh water in every coffee. The machine is designed to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining top-notch performance.

Ascaso Studio has paid special attention to the design and aesthetics of the Baby T. Every customer can choose between the different Baby T coffee maker models which come in black, white, love red, sun yellow, pistachio, and more colors.

Baby T is the winner of the European Product Design Award in the BEVERAGE AND FOOD/Catering Equipment: Coffee Brewers category as well as in the HOME (Household Products)/Kitchen: Coffee and Tea Makers category.

Baby T by Ascaso Studio is an example of a perfect blend of technology, quality, and elegant design. Its compact size and multiple applications make it an ideal choice for a wide range of businesses.

Photo credit: Ascaso Studio