Bistro Magnet, Ljubljana. Photo Credit: Ana Skobe. AKSL Architects.

Bistro Magnet’s Fusion of Colors, Patterns, and Design in Ljubljana

Bistro Magnet, the vibrant new addition to the prestigious Magnet restaurant, is making waves with its fresh approach to culinary experiences in Črnuče, on the outskirts of Ljubljana. Nestled beside the elegant Magnet restaurant, Bistro Magnet emerges as a younger, more playful sibling, boasting a fusion of a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere and modern design.

Bistro Magnet, Ljubljana. Photo Credit: Ana Skobe. AKSL Architects.

As you step into Bistro Magnet, a dark yet refreshing interior welcomes you, adorned with bright marble tabletops and comfortably upholstered chairs on an unusually shaped carpet. This isn’t just another place with chairs and tables; it’s a haven where your eyes dance with details. At the back of the space, a bar steals the spotlight with round black shelves, a mirrored backdrop, and above the softly shaped linear bar, the eye-catching Verner Panton design Flowerpot lamps in green, injecting a playful vibe into the atmosphere. Five elegant black velvet barstools stand proudly in front of the bar, inviting patrons to savor the ambiance.

The main color palette revolves around a combination of green and black, creating a visually captivating environment. A black ceiling, dark gray floor, and furniture provide a robust foundation for white tabletops. Delicate creamy curtains, green lights, and a shiny green wall adorned with ceramic tiles, along with strategically placed greenery, contribute to the bistro’s fresh and inviting ambiance.

At the heart of Bistro Magnet lies an oval-shaped room, accessible by moving aside a velvet mint curtain. The room features a substantial marble-plated table surrounded by comfortable armchairs and a large round mirror, creating an air of mystery. Hanging greenery from the ceiling and a branch-like light feature contribute to a feeling of being hidden in the heart of a forest. This VIP room, equipped with a TV and a privacy curtain, offers an exclusive setting for private meetings or lunches, accommodating up to eight guests.

The outside wall of the oval room showcases an ombre wallpaper and greenery hanging under the ceiling. Shelves beneath it house decorations, magazines, travel and cookbooks, pots, vases, and Japanese lucky cat figurines, infusing positive vibes into the space. Adjacent to the oval room is a semi-private section of the restaurant, facing a wall with gleaming tiles and surrounded by soft, creamy-colored curtains. Opposite this area, an image of greenery behind fluted glass creates the illusion of a winter garden. A long communal table with elevated seating for twelve people boasts a bright white stone tabletop, crowned by voluted lights recessed from the ceiling.

Bistro Magnet, Ljubljana. Photo Credit: Ana Skobe. AKSL Architects.

Crafted from captivating marble stone in various hues, all bistro tables add sophistication to each dining experience. Some are designed as rounded halves for improved functionality, doubling as tables for two or tables for four with rounded edges. Thoughtfully placed curtains not only soften the ambiance but also enhance acoustics, ensuring a comfortable dining setting. Bistro Magnet was crafted by the visionary minds at AKSL Architects. Founded in the year 2000 by architects Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak, AKSL Architects is a dynamic design firm that emerged from the hallowed halls of the Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Both founders graduated with honors, setting the foundation for a future marked by innovation and excellence. AKSL architects operate at the intersection of architecture and interior design, bringing a holistic approach to their projects.

Their portfolio reflects a commitment to multidisciplinary collaboration, drawing on the expertise of professionals from various fields. This inclusive approach ensures that each project benefits from a diverse range of perspectives, resulting in unique and well-rounded designs.

 Photo Credit: Ana Skobe