designs inspired by willy wonka

Beyond Imagination: Dive into the World of Willy Wonka with Chocolate-Inspired Decor

Good food is a pleasure for everyone. Sweets make this experience even better. With the arrival of Wonka, the highly anticipated prequel of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, design lovers have had several proposals to lick their lips. Both young and old will encounter singular shapes and vibrant hues, carried away by the fragrance of cotton candy in the air. Amidst a spectrum of browns, ranging from deep, rich chocolate to creamy milk chocolate, and an array of luscious confections, there lies various proposals for a “tasteful” ambiance.

Imagine home décor adopting an irresistible appeal. From seating arrangements to fabrics, upholstery, and accompanying accents, there are recommendations for furniture that could withstand the curiosity of a Charlie.

In this story, we’ll explore some renowned brands inspired by Willy Wonka and Roald Dahl’s magical world.

Inspired by chocolate

Graphit & Deco

From the foundational chocolate-inspired furniture, Listone Giordano introduces wood that beckons a bite, namely dark or milk chocolate. Every person, as a child, has at least once had the dream of entering into a realm of chocolate. a realm in which the walls look like bars filled with salted caramel or hazelnut cream. This wood flooring company can make this dream come two presenting two alternatives to its customers. On the one hand, is the new Graphit wooden floor which evokes the deep richness of cocoa from the first glance. The wood is derived from an original process of graphite powder used in the aerospace industry. It offers an elegant and incredibly durable board that creates a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, Déco’s squares take us back to the court of Versaille and the geometrical forms of the lighter colors.

Terratinta group’s models

Terratinta Group also takes part in this trend with its tiles that juggle different variations of the chocolate color. From Genesi to Stick via Equus and Fornace, a play of geometries and reflections invites us to take a bite to savor the full flavor of cocoa. This handmade product creates a unique link with the bar, whose grooves and reliefs it interprets as a way to create an evocative and appetizing coating.

designs inspired by willy wonka
Photo credit: Terratinta Group


To add décor even more chocolatey and tasty, Casamania by Horm invites everyone to sit on the Lepel. This is a soft cushion seat whose name means ‘spoon’. This is precisely the function in mind with which this armchair has been designed. It will hold you like a spoon of chocolate to enjoy your coffee.

designs inspired by willy wonka
Photo credit: Casamania by Horm


Linea Light Group designed a solution to rescue those in need of light. Camping is an LED lamp available in chocolate color. The lamp has rechargeable batters and three different light intensities thanks to Dynamic White technology. The color temperature can vary from very warm light to a maximum of 4000K (natural light).

designs inspired by willy wonka
Photo credit: Linea Light Group

Inspired by caramel

For Willy Wonka-style living, there is no shortage of fluffy upholstery reminiscent of marshmallows or fluffy fabrics in pastel shades that resemble cotton candy clouds.

Why Not & Osaka

laCividina is the company that characterizes every room with upholstered furniture. The designs of Why Not and Osaka are elegant but at the same time casual. They are going to enrich the rooms with a touch of sparkle and cheerfulness. Furthermore, the sinuous, organic lines of the two pieces give the impression of sitting on small yet brightly colored candy stripes, covered with sugar jellybeans.


laCividina has another design that could make you dream of sweets. Thinking about Toyland, the pinwheel-shaped lollipop is the first thing that pops to mind. This scene is inspired by Windmill – the wedge-shaped pride in the colors of the rainbow that bursts with a burst of happiness and energy. In the same spirit, Giro Pouf by Casamania by Horm translates into a series of seats with a circular base and takes up the game of multicolored swivels.

designs inspired by willy wonka
Photo credit: laCividina

Hula Hoop

In the same palette, G.T.DESIGN proposes Hula Hoop. Geometric forms and shapes in the most fashionable colors are the protagonists of this collection. In this sense, design motifs and high-performance yarn are combined with the art of hand-weaving.

designs inspired by willy wonka
Photo credit: G.T.DESIGN

Soft Glass Sofa

Last but not least, is the Soft Glass Sofa by Tonelli Design. You can easily get carried away by its softness and the aroma of chocolate. Designed by soft and generously upholstered volumes, delicate to the touch like a chiffon cake, the Soft Glass seating system ushers a new way of designing the living space. The sofa retains its visual lightness because of its base of stratified extra-clear glass legs. They give the sensation of a cloud softness.

designs inspired by willy wonka
Photo credit: Tonelli Design

Final thoughts…

In the world of design, the idea of chocolate and sweets is represented in a delicate array of furniture inspired by Willy Wonka’s world. These pieces embody the whimsy of childhood fantasies and memories while also redefining the boundaries of interior design, offering a blend of aesthetics and comfort.