Beauty and Simplicity in Modern Banquette Seating

Beauty and Simplicity in Modern Banquette Seating

In a bold move that redefines the boundaries of design precision, commercial furnishings expert Stylex introduces Luna, a contemporary banquette seating collection that promises to elevate the aesthetics of any space. Luna, with its avant-garde approach, seamlessly integrates with architectural nuances, whether snug against a wall or standing independently, effortlessly transforming open spaces into hubs of collaborative creativity.

Departing from the mundane, Stylex has curated Luna as a collection where refined curves meet ergonomic support, offering an array of configurations for dynamic collaboration. This innovative seating ensemble not only challenges traditional norms but sets a new standard in banquette design.

Luna’s distinguishing feature is its refined silhouette, a symphony of curves that enhances the spatial design of both conventional and unconventional environments. Comfortable segments, ranging from 25” to 60”, elegantly interlock with durable ganging brackets, creating a unified and continuous form that captivates the eye. The collection’s name finds its inspiration in the half-moon-shaped arm seamlessly flowing into a supportive back, available in either 31.5” or 38.5” height options. Luna effortlessly adapts to diverse design aesthetics, offering base options that include elevated, plinth, or integration into custom built-in millwork layouts.

“Our design goal was two-fold, to bring beauty and symmetry to the modern-day banquette while simplifying the specification process for designers,” explained Randi Pastrovic, VP of Customer Experience. “Our cutting-edge design tools – including CET and Revit – empower designers to customize Luna by effortlessly adjusting the to the exact inch, thereby transforming a standard product into a fully customizable experience.”

Beauty and Simplicity in Modern Banquette Seating

Crafted by Anthony Land to address contemporary design challenges, Luna is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a canvas for versatility. The collection offers options to incorporate power, biophilic elements, and accessories, seamlessly merging technology with aesthetics. Luna units can be equipped with a 3-prong plug or hardwired for power, providing flexibility within a room. Wireless charging trays can also be seamlessly integrated for a cordless appearance. Luna’s table solutions, crafted from oak, maple, walnut, and opaque black wood, add a touch of warmth to the space. Planters introduce a biophilic element, enabling designers to create unique spatial divisions and diverse seating areas in larger environments.

Committed to environmental sustainability, Luna is proudly manufactured in the U.S. and is currently undergoing testing for Greenguard IAQ and LEVEL Certification, expected in the next few weeks. As with all Stylex products, Luna comes with a 10-year performance warranty, ensuring enduring quality and design excellence.