A Playful Symphony of Light and Acrylic in Second Room's Folding Chair

A Playful Symphony of Light and Acrylic in Second Room’s Folding Chair

The furniture series, Second Room’s Folding Chair, envisioned by the talented Jihong Lee, not only breathes new life into your space but also draws inspiration from the delicate artistry of origami and the playful buoyancy of balloons.

Designed to inspire and innovate, the Folding Chair boasts original properties that appear thin at first glance. However, Lee ingeniously transforms this seeming fragility into a motif that creates a compelling sense of volume. The bold shapes emerge from the delicate folds of thin acrylic, a material chosen not just for its visual appeal but also for its unique ability to address the weight concerns commonly associated with acrylic furniture.

A Playful Symphony of Light and Acrylic in Second Room's Folding Chair

The Folding Chair employs a distinctive folding method that compensates for the drawbacks of heavy acrylic, rendering it lighter than acrylic of the same visual thickness. By folding thin acrylic on the structured chair leg, Lee achieves a sleek and modern aesthetic without the need for additional bolt assembly or bonding. This minimalist approach not only simplifies the design but also enhances the chair’s overall functionality.

What sets the award-winning Folding Chair apart is its visual dynamism. The acrylic layers create a play of light and shadow, making the chair look unique from various viewing angles. Lee intentionally adds intensity to the color palette, resulting in a depth that gives the illusion of darker hues. The Folding Chair, therefore, becomes a statement piece that not only serves its purpose but also captures attention as a work of art.

As the piece interacts with different lighting conditions, it becomes a canvas for a fascinating interplay of shadows. Second Room encourages users to appreciate the ever-changing visual experience as sunlight dances through the room, casting captivating shadows and highlighting the chair’s exquisite design. This dynamic quality adds an extra layer of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

By reimagining the potential of acrylic through thoughtful folding techniques, Jihong Lee has crafted a piece that not only challenges traditional perceptions but also elevates the visual and functional aspects of furniture design. As you welcome this folding series into your space, prepare to be enchanted by the beauty that unfolds from every angle, inviting you to explore the artistry of contemporary design.