A Half-Century of Lighting Legacy Inspires the Kino Projector Launch

A Half-Century of Lighting Legacy Inspires the Kino Projector Launch

Founded in 1970 at the height of the psychedelic era, OptiKinetics worked alongside legendary artists to create groundbreaking lighting effects and affordable solutions that brought professional lighting to the masses. Their inventions, like the iconic Liquid Wheel with its hypnotic flowing oils, were used by musicians and nightclubs around the world and still continue to bring excitement to audiences today. 

“With the Kino, we want to bring the creative spirit of our early days to new generations,” said Rob Stitcher, owner of OptiKinetics. “It’s both a celebration of our past and a bridge to the future.” 

In celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary, OptiKinetics drew inspiration from their 1970s roots to design the Kino. With its sleek retro-futuristic look, the Kino allows users to project OptiKinetics’ classic lighting effects right at home. It utilizes modern, energy-efficient LED technology and sustainable materials like wood to appeal to the environmentally-conscious consumer. 

The Kino works seamlessly with OptiKinetics’ full range of 6″ effects wheels, as well as specialty lenses for enhanced visuals. It comes equipped with a multi-faceted mirror for kaleidoscopic projections right out of the box. The Kino empowers creative minds to explore OptiKinetics’ iconic lighting effects in new ways. 

OptiKinetics will be launching the Kino on Kickstarter as a limited edition collector’s item. Each unit will be numbered and signed by an OptiKinetics founder. The first 500 backers will also receive a rare original 1970s effect wheel to the project – a unique piece of lighting history.