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Unveiling the Future of Home Entertainment: 5 Cutting-Edge Trends in Media Equipment

Watching movies, tv shows, or playing video games on our phones has never been better until today, and despite the slow but steady introduction of virtual reality, there is still charm in just sitting back on the couch and watching our favourite shows the traditional way.

Improvements are being made since the cathode ray tube screens have officially left the living room. We went from LCD to LED, and now OLED displays. Each generation and display type promises an improvement to the visual quality. Accompanying the visuals is of course the audio, surround sound speakers are great for bringing dynamic sound quality and allowing viewers to experience audio in 3D space.

So, what kinds of home media equipment should we be looking into bringing into our homes? Let’s look at this list to see which is the best for adapting to these new sources of entertainment.

A Harmonious Union of Craftsmanship and Technology

      Ionic Sound System Deeptime

      • Prizes: Winner in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
      • Company: PROTOTYPUM, Czech Republic
      • Lead Designer: Ondřej Chotovinsky
      Ionic Sound System Deeptime

      Compact with excellent sound performance, the Ionic Sound System Deeptime looks beautiful as it sounds. With a frequency range from 40HZ to 20kHz, it has a hi-res DAC and ultra-low distortion and the latest Bluetooth module that fits perfectly as a desktop or shelf audio setup. The powerful speaker is powered with a Thunderstone subwoofer that’s just perfect for a TV sound surround system.

      The audio set is the first-ever 3D-printed speaker. Printed with composite sandstone material that creates a low resonance coefficient which means you’ll get accurate speaker performance.

      Nature-inspired spirula speakers are eye-catching as the subwoofer can be a great accent item.



      • Prizes: Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
      • Company: Foster + Partners, United Kingdom
      • Lead Designer: Foster + Partners Industrial Design

      Where less is more, this innovative smart TV is a sneak peek at the future of smart televisions. A sleek 0.2-millimeter-thick screen means you’ll have more room and flexibility in your interiors. The thin screen can be discretely hidden away using a rolled-into rectangular aluminum volume which comes with an integrated speaker covered with a beautiful tonal fabric.

      Science Fiction into Reality

      Hachi Infinite

      • Prizes:  Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Consumer electronics and cameras
      • Company: Hachi (Beijing Puppy Robotics Co., Ltd.), China
      • Lead Designer: Song Tang, VP of Technology and Lead of AIoT

      If you’ve seen Minority Report 18 years ago and wondering how cool it could be to have a hologram that you can touch and control with a touch of a finger, then you’re in some treat. The Hachi Infinite turns any flat surface into a touchscreen integrated with voice control systems and a powerful Qualcomm chip and Android OS 9.0.

      With a range of 600 to 100 inches ANSI lumens HD display it delivers a high-resolution picture display making it compatible with any videos with 1080p 4K resolutions. It is the perfect tool for entertainment, work, and learning as its high-precision sensors enable users for an immersive experience. It offers AI capabilities, and endless apps and can be easily paired to a smart device.

      Modular Design


      • Prizes: Bronze in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
      • Company: Vestel Electronic Company, Turkey
      • Lead Designer: ECE SARIKAYA

      Innovation always seeks flexible solutions striving for that overall experience. With WALKABOUT speakers, you’ll get an array of possibilities thanks to its ingenious design that comes with modules that can be rearranged and positioned in a way to accommodate the surface of space. Whether you want it below your smart TV or have it by your bedside table, the compact, portable, and beautifully designed geometric form can be a stand-alone accent by itself.

      Flexible and Fun

      IN & OUT player

      • Prizes: Winner in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
      • Lead Designer: Hu Miaodi
      IN & OUT player

      There are three ways to enjoy these creatively designed Bluetooth headphones and speakers. One you can use it on your head as like an ordinary headphone. Two you can take off the headphones and rotate them into a triangular module and three through its magnetic connection can be transformed into a Desktop speaker. The clever design is sustainable as you can buy one product that offers three features.

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