World's First Electric Snowboard Ensures Durability and Exceptional Riding Dynamics

World’s First Electric Snowboard Ensures Durability and Exceptional Riding Dynamics

Cyrusher, a leading brand in e-bikes, has introduced an electrifying marvel to the snowboarding domain: the Ripple, the world’s first electric snowboard. Combining high-tech features with an exhilarating experience, the Ripple redefines winter sports, pushing the boundaries of excitement and performance on snowy slopes to new heights.

Exploring the mystery of the Ripple

Incorporating advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship, the Ripple boasts a board size of 156cm, aligning it with the Camber snowboard category. Crafted from composite materials featuring a wood core, fiberglass, and carbon edges, the snowboard’s construction ensures both durability and exceptional riding dynamics. The Ripple is strategically designed to empower a broader range of snowboarders, offering new snowboarding opportunities through innovative electric energy.

Power and Performance

The Ripple stands out as an industry trailblazer, employing cutting-edge electric motors to enhance the snowboarding experience. With a robust 3000-watt motor seamlessly integrated into the snowboard, it delivers heart-pounding top speeds of up to 50 km/h.

The Ripple incorporates an advanced V1 controller specifically designed for accurate navigation across snow and ice-covered landscapes. Equipped with a high-voltage-resistant MOSFET and an advanced heat dissipation, the controller ensures precise control and responsiveness. Easily fine-tune snowboard forward speed and maneuverability for the ultimate snowboarding adventure, guaranteeing a thrilling yet controlled riding experience every time.

The electric power system of the board relies on a low-temperature resistant battery featuring a Molicel 21700 P42A 4200mAh 45A configuration, providing a 12.6 Ah capacity. This innovative battery setup allows the Ripple to cover distances of 15-20 kilometers on a single charge.

World's First Electric Snowboard Ensures Durability and Exceptional Riding Dynamics


The Ripple’s board design features a wide, high-traction rear tire, specifically tailored for snowboarding. This design enhances traction on icy snow cover, providing faster snow grip and improved stability on snowy terrain. Skiers can expect maximum stability and control in the snowy domain. Meanwhile, the Ripple introduces an adjustable independent suspension with manual wheel height adjustment, allowing riders to customize their snowboarding adventures by absorbing shocks and seamlessly adapting to the snow’s contours.

Tailored for snowboarding adventures, the Ripple is constructed to withstand various weather conditions. It boasts a full metal enclosure with a flame-retardant design and an impressive IPX6 waterproof rating, ensuring durability and a hassle-free ride in different weather conditions.


The advent of Ripple electric snowboards has revolutionized winter sports, offering sustainable thrills with lithium-ion battery power. The Ripple snowboards are silent and emissions-free, reducing noise pollution and promoting eco-friendly outdoor activities. The development of electric snowboards reflects a promising future for a more sustainable and exciting snowboarding experience.

World's First Electric Snowboard Ensures Durability and Exceptional Riding Dynamics


The Ripple’s enhanced motor power enables smooth gliding over flat snow, ensuring an exhilarating experience even on the fluffiest terrain. This expands the range and accessibility of the snowboarding terrain, elevating the overall experience. By harnessing electric power, the Ripple enhances the snowboarding adventure, enabling riders to traverse terrain with reduced physical exertion compared to traditional snowboards. The responsive design of the Ripple empowers snowboarders to conquer terrain with unmatched precision and speed, execute tricks and jumps effortlessly, and fully enjoy the sport of snowboarding to its utmost extent.

Experience the Thrill of Snowboarding Like Never Before with the Ripple!

Boasting a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs, and accommodating rider sizes from 160-190cm, the Ripple caters to a wide range of rider needs, ensuring stability and confidence for individuals of all sizes. Weighing in at a total of 15kg, the snowboard is meticulously crafted to strike a balance between portability and performance, offering effortless maneuverability without compromising power.

Infused with cutting-edge technology, robust construction, and unparalleled performance, the Ripple bring a new era in snowboarding. As the world’s first electric snowboard, it grants skiers the freedom to embark on thrilling journeys that redefine the snowboarding experience.