Above: Wave II Collection by Curiousa

WAVE II Collection by Curiousa Illuminates with Diffused Beams and Textured Glass

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Wave II, the latest collection by British lighting studio Curiousa. This stunning sequel to their acclaimed WAVE series elevates the art of illumination, weaving a tapestry of light, texture, and colour.

Founder Esther Patterson masterfully blends the warmth of natural materials like wood, glass, and silk with the precision of modern design. The result? A collection that’s both exquisitely tactile and undeniably modern. The innovative sandblasted elements play a key role, softening and diffusing light for a mesmerizing frosted effect that complements the collection’s mid-century colour palette.

“It’s important the pieces feel alive and even tactile. Even though I’ve designed a certain uniformity – they needed to feel instinctive, sculptural, and free of constraint,”

Esther Patterson , Founder and Designer

The WAVE II Collection marks the introduction of reimagined designs, including the iconic horizontal Ripple Beams and vertical Crest pendant, complemented by the addition of two innovative new lights—Lozenge Squircle and Lozenge Wave. Among the reimagined designs is the Ripple Corona, with a handcrafted wooden disk enhancing the look, and available in a natural walnut finish or a painted white option. Additionally, the Ripple Mezzo, a petite version, caters to smaller spaces without compromising the collection’s appeal, and the introduction of the sculptural Lozenge Squircle and Lozenge Wave amplifies the collection’s versatility.

The Crest Tassel draws inspiration from Asian lanterns, adorned with a handcrafted tassel by London-based textile artist Jessica Light. This fusion of tradition and innovation adds a touch of romanticism, underscoring Curiousa’s commitment to creating culturally resonant pieces.

Above L-R:  Lozenge Wave, £2,650, Ripple Corona, £4,850, Crest Tassel, £2,650 and Lozenge Squircle, £2,650 by Curiousa
Above L-R: Lozenge Wave, £2,650, Ripple Corona, £4,850, Crest Tassel, £2,650 and Lozenge Squircle, £2,650 by Curiousa

The WAVE II Collection evokes the beauty of weathered shoreline glass. Each free-blown glass element is hand-shaped and enhanced with sandblasting, creating a captivating interplay of textures and semi-opaque surfaces. With a palette of 22 colours, including vibrant pops and soft pastels, the collection offers endless versatility. The lights can be showcased individually, paired, or hung together for a layered effect, creating a dynamic interplay of suspended light.

Each pendant is crafted by the Curiousa team in their Derbyshire studio, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and local expertise. Every part of the light is replaceable and refurbished in-house, ensuring longevity and reducing environmental impact.