The Super Collection Redefines Design Norms

The radical design movement of the 1960s is a period known for its avant-garde approach and market departure from traditional design practice. It heralded a new way of thinking thus blurring the line between art and architecture. Simultaneously, it also encouraged the explorations of material, color, and shape. The radical design movement is also what inspired The Super Collection.

The Super Collection is a collaboration between Bankston and Sans-Arc Studio. Together they co-created a limited-edition collection of bold door hardware that celebrates the joy in the unexpected.

Photo credit: Vic Zschommler-Campaign Photographer, Jonathan VDK-Bowden Brewery, Brian Ferry-Civilian Townhouse

The collection comprises five unique pieces, namely one door knows two door levers, and two pull handles. The principles of the radical design movement are reflected in each of the products. Playful geometric abstractions and unique forms are balanced with highly functional design, delivering a range that feels both usable and highly expressive.

Drawing from different scales of design and objects of human interaction, the creative process centered around the themes of shape, geometry, and contrast. The nature of the designs offers stunning opposition to one another when used in conjunction. The design represented is bold being complemented with a playful and irregular approach. At the same time, individual products offer impact and a lasting impression. The Super Collection was designed to push boundaries, transform your space, and connect with you in every use.

When the product design was finalized, rigorous testing was employed to guarantee the functionality of the collection.

Photo credit: Vic Zschommler-Campaign Photographer, Jonathan VDK-Bowden Brewery, Brian Ferry-Civilian Townhouse


Zzzigurat draws its distinctive shape from the ancient Mesopotamia ziggurat. This is a stepped structure that pre-dates the pyramids of Egypt. The bold shape of the Zzzigurat makes it ideal for more playful and animated spaces.


Named after the lever Pinocchio-like shape, it is subtly linked to the Italian theme of radical design. Playing off contrasting geometries, the Geppetto’s simple form is bold yet timeless.


Futurismo is inspired unsurprisingly by Futurist design. Being geometrically subversive, it introduces unexpected shapes into a lever. A sphere and chamfered rod are elegantly stacked to create a unique and eye-catching piece.

Super Moon

Named after its shape, this product celebrates the inherent beauty and simplicity of shape. It exhibits strength and assurance with every engagement. Ideal for the front doors of your suburban Chinese restaurant, marble hall mausoleum, or modernist suburban home.


This item is slightly more serious in approach however whimsical and imaginative. With the elements stripped back and reduced to only what is needed, the Associati is simple, minimalist – a line and a dot.

Driven by a passion for detail and high-quality craftsmanship, the Bankston Architectural combines manufacturing methods with the beauty of solid-forged brass to create products of true distinction. Bankston’s main goal is to push boundaries and excite. Similarly, Sans-Arc Studio is an award-winning design and architecture firm famous for creating human-oriented spaces full of wonder and excitement that sit firmly outside of the norm.

Photo credit: Vic Zschommler-Campaign Photographer, Jonathan VDK-Bowden Brewery, Brian Ferry-Civilian Townhouse

The Super Collection in this sense is the winner in the construction product – finishes in the BLT Build Design Awards. Additionally, Super Collection by Bankston + Sans-Arc has been awarded a Bronze in the 2021 International Design Awards in the Home Interior Products/Windows, Doors category.