PET LIGER founder and creative director Constantinos

The Evolution of Fashion in a Digital Age with Constantinos Panayiotou

Led by the imaginative artist and creative force Constantinos Panayiotou, PET LIGER is renowned for its daring and unconventional footwear designs. Breaking free from style norms, the brand ventures into a whole new dimension of innovation and provocation. A global award-winning artist, Constantinos has forged a path of groundbreaking design, with his latest creation, the Vertex Love high heels, earning the prestigious title of Global Footwear Awards 2023 Design of the Year.

Constantinos has blended digital expression and fashion, pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable within a single silhouette. His artworks, showcased on the PET LIGER Instagram account, serve as an epic archive of footwear explorations that redefine the possibilities in design. Drawing inspiration from the late 20th century while incorporating futuristic, otherworldly materials, Constantinos has become a trailblazer in the intersection of art and fashion.

In this exclusive interview, Constantinos Panayiotou reveals the story behind the Vertex Love Project, providing insights into his creative process, inspirations, and the future of digital and on-chain fashion.

Could you share your concept behind the design of the Vertex Love high heels? What do you want to express with this design?

Since the theme is Love, what better way to express that than through the use of the universal symbol for love, the heart shape? I wanted the design to appear like it’s almost floating. Also, I wanted the texture and feel of it to look edible and sweet to the taste like candy. All this works together to create a feeling of pure ecstasy.

What inspired you to create the design of the Vertex Love high heels?

I create a footwear design every day and post it to the PET LIGER Instagram account, and have been doing so for close to half a decade. The Vertex Love Heels were designed and uploaded on Feb 14th to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Would you share your approach to choosing the designs based on your whole brand?

PET LIGER is all about having fun and being playful, also I want to inspire others through my work and to make them feel a sense of epicness and awe! That’s how I feel when I’m putting my creations together.

How are the Vertex Love high heels manufactured? Is there any specific technology behind the unique design?

These are digital creations, for now, designed to be worn in the Metaverse. Digital and Onchain fashion is the future!

Based on your extraordinary designs, what do you want to add to the world as a designer?

Beautiful and Iconic silhouettes! Things that bring me joy.

PET LIGER founder and creative director Constantinos

If you could design this pair of heels one more time, what would you do differently?

I have already redesigned them countless times. You can find all the different iterations on the PET LIGER Instagram.

What makes you go to work every day?

Gratitude that today by some miracle I will help to bring something new into the world.

Do you have any new design projects you can share?

At the moment our main focus is bringing these digital works into the physical world. 2024 is the year we finally give the people what they have been asking for!