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Sony’s Breakthrough Technology Brings Cinema to the Comfort of Your Home

Sony Electronics Inc. announced its 2024 BRAVIA TV lineup and the redefining of BRAVIA as a brand that provides the ultimate home cinema experience. As part of the new BRAVIA line-up, Sony will release four new TV models, with BRAVIA 9 as the flagship capable of extraordinary peak brightness, deep blacks, and expanded contrast. The new lineup also includes the BRAVIA 9 Flagship Mini LED, BRAVIA 8 OLED, BRAVIA 7 Mini LED, and BRAVIA 3 LED with select models being available for pre-order now in the U.S. and available soon in Canada. In addition, Sony announced today the BRAVIA Theater home audio product lineup made for seamless integration to experience the full audiovisual richness of any content at home.

Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.

BRAVIA is designed to enhance the authenticity of cinematic content, delivering impressive pictures and sound at home as the filmmakers intended. By unifying TVs, soundbars, and other home audio technologies under the single brand, BRAVIA, Sony aims for customers to have a simplified home theatre setup to enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience of immersive picture and sound. The matching features and design of BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theater home audio products make it easier for consumers to choose their ideal combination of products to complete their home theatre.

“Sony has been operating at the heart of the film industry for decades and has unique positioning with their experience in film creation, professional production equipment, and distribution. We want to bring that expertise to consumers’ homes by integrating it into our new BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theater home audio devices. We are excited to launch these new products and for consumers to have an upgraded cinematic experience in their homes.”

Yoshihiro Ono, Head of Home Entertainment Business Unit at Sony Corporation

Cinema is Coming Home with BRAVIA

The BRAVIA 9 Flagship Mini LED is Sony’s brightest 4K TV ever with thousands of Mini LEDs precisely controlled by XR Backlight Master Drive, based on technology found in Sony’s professional monitors used by filmmakers. With higher luminance than ever, new colour volumes can be reached.

BRAVIA 9 can accurately reproduce natural scenes in detail, hosting approximately 325% more dimming zones and being approximately 50% brighter than its predecessor, the 2023 X95L model. The model includes an X-Wide Angle to preserve colour and brightness while viewing the TV from any angle, and an X-Anti Reflection to reduce screen glare so all viewers have a premium picture. Additionally, BRAVIA 9 features Acoustic Multi-Audio+ and is the world’s first TV with upward-firing Beam Tweeters in addition to side Frame Tweeters to deliver cinematic surround sound.

BRAVIA 9, BRAVIA 8 and BRAVIA 7 use the intelligent XR Processor that uses a scene recognition system to analyze every frame with high accuracy, and then optimize the picture for ultimate realism. Reinforced by XR Triluminos Pro these models can display billions of accurate colours and enhance the range of hues and saturation to reveal extremely precise colour in every scene, just as the filmmaker intended.

Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.

Partnering to Deliver the Best Cinematic Experience

BRAVIA TVs are equipped with Studio Calibrated picture modes to reproduce the image quality intended by filmmakers on your TV at home. In addition to the existing Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and SONY PICTURES CORE Calibrated Mode (formerly BRAVIA CORE), Prime Video Calibrated Mode is a new mode designed to provide customers with even more ways to experience premium entertainment through the lens of the creator. With Prime Video Calibrated Mode, customers can enjoy optimum picture quality that is automatically calibrated across movies, series, and for the first time, live sports.

Both BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theater home audio products are compatible with IMAX Enhanced and certified by IMAX and DTS to get the best possible IMAX movie experience from SONY PICTURES CORE (formerly BRAVIA CORE) and select films on Disney+. BRAVIA users can enjoy optimized IMAX picture and sound with IMAX Enhanced mode, including IMAX Enhanced sound with DTS:X. SONY PICTURES CORE will introduce a select series of Crunchyroll– a streaming service focused on anime. This will add a host of Crunchyroll anime series to customers with an included streaming package.

“We’re excited to bring audiences an unrivaled cinematic experience in the home and beyond with Sony’s new BRAVIA IMAX Enhanced certified TVs and BRAVIA Theater home audio products,” said Vikram Arumilli, SVP and GM, Streaming and Consumer Technology at IMAX. “IMAX Enhanced is designed to preserve and enhance filmmaker’s vision and intent, and Sony’s expanded device offering adds more ways for fans to experience the power of IMAX through some of the most iconic films hosted on the platform.”

Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.

BRAVIA TV + BRAVIA Theater Integration

In cinemas, speakers are usually located behind the screen, which has numerous small holes for sound to pass through allowing the dialogue you hear to sound like it is coming from the correct position of the image projected on screen. Select BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theater products feature Acoustic Center Sync, which mimics the cinema experience by fusing the sound of the TV’s speakers and the soundbar seamlessly, elevating the audio and dialogue to precisely match the action on screen.

New to BRAVIA TVs is Voice Zoom 3, which recognizes human dialogue through AI algorithms and amplifies or reduces its volume so hard to hear dialogue sounds loud and clear, even in the most intense action scenes. When connected together, BRAVIA Theater is able to tap into Voice Zoom 3 and utilize the technology to improve dialogue volume as well. This function and more can be controlled through the BRAVIA Connect App (formerly Home Entertainment Connect App) which guides users through initial setup, adjusts volume, sound field, and more. Settings for Voice Zoom 3, Acoustic Center Sync, BRAVIA Theater audio products connected to BRAVIA, and other TV features can now be operated using the BRAVIA Connect without displaying the menu bar on the TV screen while watching a movie.

“Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at Dolby,” said Mahesh Balakrishnan, Vice President of Consumer Entertainment, Dolby Laboratories. “With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, creatives have a wider set of tools to work with so audiences can experience their stories exactly as they envisioned. Through the combination of Sony best-in-class engineering and Dolby’s industry leading innovations, consumers can enjoy truly cinematic Dolby experiences on their favorite Sony BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theater devices.”

Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.

Key BRAVIA TV Lineup Features

  • All streaming on one screen. Google TV™ brings together your favourite entertainment from across your apps and organizes it all. And with Google Assistant™, users can simply use their voice to search and ask questions.
  • Movies are included with BRAVIA TV. Get movies included within the SONY PICTURES CORE app (formerly BRAVIA CORE).
  • Studio-calibrated picture. Get picture quality just as the creators intended with studio-calibrated picture modes specially designed for Netflix, Prime Video, and SONY PICTURES CORE (formerly BRAVIA CORE).
  • More immersive movie experience. Get a truly cinematic viewing experience with support for Dolby Vision and Atmos, IMAX Enhanced, and DTS:X.
  • Features for PlayStation 5. Take PS5 gaming to the next level with exclusive features – Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode – that optimize picture quality for gaming and streaming.
  • Perfectly pairs with Sony soundbars. Pair BRAVIA TV with compatible Sony soundbars for the ultimate cinema-like experience at home. 
  • All game settings are in one place. Game Menu puts all the gaming picture settings and exclusive assist features in one place.
  • Compatible with BRAVIA CAM. BRAVIA CAM (sold separately) automatically optimizes picture and sound according to the room environment14, and users can enjoy video chat on a bigger screen.
  • All Eco settings are in one place. Eco Dashboard keeps all energy efficiency settings in one place, making it easier to change them individually or in one go.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.

Environmental initiatives

Sony has set forth an environmental plan called Road to Zero, which aims to achieve zero environmental impact through its business activities and product life cycles by 2050. To contribute to this vision, Sony will pursue innovations for its BRAVIA products that provide the best viewing experience with high picture and sound quality and a premium design all the while contributing to reducing its environmental impact.

BRAVIA 9 and BRAVIA 7 use Sony’s proprietary Mini LED processing technology to automatically optimize each scene to achieve both high brightness and low power consumption. In addition, the newly evolved Eco Dashboard allows users to easily set and manage various energy-saving settings of BRAVIA TVs all at once. Users can check the amount of power used and tips for saving energy.

To reduce environmental impact, Sony is working on multiple aspects of the product life cycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic use, improvement of transportation efficiency, and reviewing energy consumption during use. From material development to exterior design, Sony has succeeded in significantly increasing the use of recycled materials in its BRAVIA products while maintaining a high-quality finish. SORPLAS, a recycled plastic developed by Sony, is used for the back cover, which has the largest surface area on a TV, with approximately 65% of the total plastic used being recycled material. The compact Eco Remote is also made from approximately 79.7% recycled plastic.

Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.

Commitment to Accessibility

Sony aims to contribute to an inclusive society through its business by increasing accessibility to enable those with diverse needs to utilize its products. BRAVIA develops products with accessibility in mind so that all customers can enjoy the movie experience.

The Talkback screen reader function allows users to check program listings and set up their TV without looking at the screen. It also can enlarge text and display it on the screen. Additionally, the tactile dots on the HDMI and S-Center terminals of BRAVIA TV match those found on the BRAVIA Theater products to simplify the process of locating and connecting ports for a smooth setup experience.

Colour inversion makes it possible to invert the brightness of colours so that bright areas become dark, and dark areas become bright. This feature can be turned on or off as needed. If the text is easier to read with a dark or bright background colour, users can use colour inversion to change the background colour.

Voice commands can be used to operate the BRAVIA TV, such as turning the power on/off and adjusting the volume. BRAVIA TVs are also equipped with shortcut commands that allow users to quickly and easily turn on/off accessibility features, allowing both those who require them and those who do not to use the same TV set without stress.

Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Photo credit: Sony Electronics, Inc.
Source: Sony Electronics, Inc.