Shaping Tomorrow at Furniture China & Maison Shanghai 2023

In the beautiful season in Shanghai, on the east side of the Huangpu River, the 28th China International Furniture Expo (hereafter referred to as Furniture China 2023) is about to transform magnificently, and the glory returns, concurrently with Maison Shanghai 2023.

IN NOW! as the brand-new theme of Furniture China 2023 and Maison Shanghai 2023 will be unveiled in Pudong at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on (SWEECC) on 11th – 15th September, gathering the new force of home furnishing in China, unleash the creativity of “design + life”, and demonstrate Live in now, Design in now, Change in now, Smart in now, facilitating a new wave of ideal life!

Reboots the market, act now! From traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing, from OEM to creating brands, from imitation to innovation, China’s home furnishing industry is constantly upgrading and evolving, but also facing the new normal full of opportunities and challenges. Furniture China 2023 and Maison Shanghai 2023 will reconstruct the connection between international exchanges and the global industrial chain, revitalize the new vitality and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the industry.

It is expected to attract 200,000+ professional buyers from 160 countries and regions to the showgrounds. At that time, global industry insiders will enlighten the dimension of life, explore the questions of the industry, and build the future together.

Live In Now

The rise of Z-generation as new consumption forces, which are characterized by more diversified living propositions, more refined living needs, and more personalized living styles, is behind the roaring national confidence and awakening aesthetic appreciation of the new household consumers.

From the supply side perspective, it is due to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and design, the new old brands and products replaced by new ones, and the innovation and efficiency of the supply chain.

Furniture China 2023 & Maison Shanghai 2023 put the international metropolis Shanghai as the center, radiating the three major Chinese furniture industry belts – the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay Area, and North China, and will make a strong resonance to new market demand!

The scale of Furniture China 2023 & Maison Shanghai 2023 is expected to reach 300,000㎡, attracting more than 2,500 high-quality furniture and home furnishing exhibitors, covering original design, high-end customization, green intelligence, future office, boutique outdoor, healthy sleep, innovative materials, artistic soft decoration, creative lighting, etc., showcasing the latest industry picture, full-case lifestyle, and multi-dimensional inspiration.

And one of the highlights is the return of the Gold Idea Furniture Design Award. Gold Idea Furniture Design Award aims at a world-class furniture design award or the equivalent of the “Red Dot Award” in China. Since its founding in 2014, GIDA has been successfully held for 7 editions and its influence has increased year by year. Now GIDA 2023 is back with a comprehensive upgrade. The jury will be composed of the world’s leading industry experts, chaired by 

  • Chairman: Professor Dr. Peter Zec; Founder and CEO of Red Dot. Councilor of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)
  • Vice Chairman: Wang Mingliang, founder and director of Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
  • Vice Chairman: Mimi Yan, Editorial Director and publisher of ELLE DECORATION;
  • Special Expert: Masayuki Kurokawa, President of K-SYSTEM;
  • Jury Members: Yang Mingjie, Founder of Yang Design and Yang House; Wang Changxing, Founder of Nong Studio; Lu Tao, Founder of MHT Design.

Their participation will provide GIDA with a more international and diversified perspective and professional guidance, leading us to witness the birth of a new force of original design in China.

Design in Now

From incorporating “Original Design” into the exhibition policy back in 2012 to the debut of the design hall, from the launch of DOD (Design of Designers) to successfully planning many design theme exhibitions that are warmly welcomed and talked by industry insiders, Furniture China & Maison Shanghai in Pudong has always kept its responsibility and mission of “Design Leads the Industry, Design Changes Life” in mind, and facilitates more furniture companies to the direction of original design and high-end domestic sales, thereby further accelerating the marketization process of China’s original furniture design.

This year’s show will inject innovation factors into industrial leaps, concept updates & product iterations, as well as restart a design creative journey for visitors to explore future lifestyles through the cross-border integration of design, art, and life. 

DOD will continue to practice its intention, which is to support designers commercialize their works and trade design services. is going to present multi-dimensional design innovations such as craftsmanship, materials, styles, concepts, and so on. 

Design Q&A will provide with new mode of design consultancy services with “FRAME Architecture” to jointly discuss the design of new retail space. And the newly launched Genie Award – Aesthetics Space Design Competition will bring an extraordinary soft decoration audio-visual feast through the combination of practice and theory.

Change In Now

Innovation and change serve as the core driving force for the high-quality development of the furniture industry, and Change in Now is bound to set off a climax of innovation and change that will shake China’s home furnishing industry and enterprises at Furniture China & Maison Shanghai in Pudong!

A special exhibition “Office Kitchen” and Office Future Development Summit Forum will be held onsite. It is jointly curated and organized with “Office Furniture” magazine, and Young H Design has been invited to produce the space design to create a Unorthodox office space and social center, to explore the new proposition of the future office with “social” as the essence. A couple of renowned brands of office furniture will be participating in include AURORA, Lamex, HOPE SPACE, Archimedes; and Flokk, Himolla, Actiu, Pedrali, Magis, LINAK, Steelform from Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Hong Kong. With the theme of “Workplace Cafeteria · Unorthodox”, the exhibition area provides an observation sample for office environment design and the office furniture industry at a time when the mixed work model of “remote work/work from home + work at the office” has become the new normal.

Material innovation to build the future of the industry. Furniture China has newly set up the “Golden Axe Award-China Home Materials Innovation Competition” (hereinafter referred to as Golden Axe Award), composed of 9 influential and credible scholars and experts in the industry as the Jury. This award is open to the whole industry not just to the exhibitors, which intends to build up the highest om-level competition and the highest honorary award for the research, development, and application of materials in China’s home furnishing industry, to encourage the innovation of new materials, new processes and new technologies in material research and development, and promote the sustainable development. 

Smart in Now 

The opportunities for the next 30 years are industry-based digital economy. The industry will usher in a new wave of digitalization, and digital transformation is a situation that all enterprises’ eyes on long-term development must deal with.As a world-class furniture exhibition with a forward-looking vision, Furniture China & Maison Shanghai has always stuck to ” dual-cycle export and domestic sales, B2B2P2C online and offline combination full-link platform ” as its principles in the past three years, focusing on digitalization to make multiple changes, multi-dimensional innovation, born to the change & the new. Especially when the development strategy of the integration of the online and offline was officially released last year, it marks the digital transformation entered a new stage, that is Smart in Now.

From the exhibition organizer to the industry solution provider, Furniture China & Maison Shanghai provides enterprises with digital services such as precise customer acquisition, new media operation, e-commerce development, digital marketing, etc., including digital exhibition, cloud matching, cloud procurement, digital marketing conference, cross-border e-commerce and live streaming training classes on digital growth series. All these activities have effectively promoted precise docking and better communication between the supply and demand side.

Join us at Furniture China 2023 and Maison Shanghai 2023 to explore the latest trends in home furnishing, connect with industry professionals, and discover innovative design solutions.

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SOURCE Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd.